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Ideas on purchasing drugs cheaper outside of the system

Does anyone know a cheaper way to purchase Pradaxa as I did not realize my Kaiser plan did not include prescription drugs and it costs $156 for a one month supply. also the Digoxin costs $112 for 3 month supply. My cardiologist was really upset about it. I just started on the drugs.....I have refused to take them for the 10 years I have been in chronic afib.

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Sorry we don't have those problems in UK. Just be careful about internet purchases as they may well be fake at best or even harmful chemicals added.



Thank you as my neighbor was encouraging me to order online but I felt hesitant.... Is this a English group.... That is sweet I am in California


We are international with members in many countries but Atrial Fibrillation Association started in England and spread out to the world. There are sections in USA. Australia, Sweden. China etc so pretty universal.


Don't you just love the National Health Service? We Brits sometimes don't realise how lucky we are. Merry Crimble everyone....


Yes- as frustrating as the admin side of the NHS can be, and certainly the treatment is a postcode lottery at times, we really do have a lot to be thankful for in the UK.


I stopped looking at the Atrial Fibrillation Support Group on Facebook because it is U.S. based. Although the discussions about AF itself and treatments were interesting, there were a lot of posts about the cost of meds and health plans and very little understanding about how the NHS works. As someone with a congenital condition, who would be penalised under an insurance-based system, I think myself lucky to be in the UK.


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