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Out of the ordinary?

To those of you otherwise stable on medication - how often do you get episodes and how many episodes would ŷou accept before going to see the cardio?

I take Disopyramide, verapamil and bisoprolol in combination and it's been doing me ok, one episode a month or so, some short, some long but bearable.

That said I have had AFl everyday for the last 3 days, short episodes of approx 2 hours but unnerving none the less.

My ablation is in July and I wanted to get there without another medication change.

Fingers crossed.

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Every day? That's rough.

For me an AF attack means calling an ambo probably 60% of the time. Mine tend to go from 0 - 100 (or more like 200 bpm lol) in a matter of minutes so its not how many I have before I call its how severe they are.

That being said I have been AF free for almost 2 months ( a record for me) since I started magnesium supplementation. What a godsend - can't believe EP's and Dr's don't mention how important it is.


P.S. I am on Metoprolol (same as Bisoprolol), Amiodarone (Verapamil)


I am already taking magnesium / potassium supplements as well as omega 3/6/9 oils and have acupuncture weekly.

If I thought standing in my head in the corner would help, I do that too!


Jap - You do make me laugh. I'm the same as you, would do anything that's not harmful if I thought it would cure me!


Hi Japaholic,

I think AF episodes are as varied and diverse as fingerprints! I see my cardio (classed as a specialist here in Australia) every two years for a review - however I can see my GP as often as I like. My GP has supplied me with a holter monitor at times so we see the frequency or absence of AF in a 48 hour period. Holter monitors are really the only way to detect AF. Good luck with your ablation in July




I have an AliveCor heart monitor and keep a diary of AF events with accompanying ECG recordings.

Not looking forwards to the ablation, looking forwards to a successful outcome


Magnesium is mentioned a lot in posts now. I would like to start taking it but having looked in Holland and Barratt (UK) there are so many varieties and strengths!! What should I buy and how much should I take??


Magnesium oil is a good way to start. If you are very deficient it stings like mad but if you rub it into your hands and wrists to start with you can wash it off if it starts to hurt. when I do this I can actually taste it in my mouth within seconds so i know its going in.

Supplements can go straight through if you have an active bowel. Great for constipation, but you lose a lot of the benefits. I still give my husband half a teaspoon of magnesium citrate every day, though. Citrate is a bit better absorbed.

Magnesium chloride comes in flakes that you can put in the bath or a foot soak. It's expensive that way, but a good way to begin.

Brazil nuts and almonds are full of magnesium, too.


I'm on Bisoprolol and Digoxin. Since going on this combination 9 months ago, my HR has always been below 100 and is usually 60-70. However, I get short runs of irregular/strong HR at the lower rate, usually after I have eaten a heavy meal. I don't know if this is AF at the lower rate. I have decided not to get an Alivecor unless my doctor suggests as I believe I would become addicted, causing anxiety.

Nor do I take supplements. Had magnesium in hospital once and it felt as if I was on fire. Also worried about gastro-intestinal effects and, for potassium, effects on kidney.


worth just increasing both in your diet Mrs Pat- nearly a year since I had any Af - this was when I started to take more potassium in my diet as noticed the potassium level was below range on the three occasions my AF was bad enough to go to A and E

Could be coincidence i know, but prior to that I had episodes, weekly, monthly or two monthly.


Mrs Pat, if anyone could be addicted to their Alivecor it would be me. However, instead of being addictive or causing anxiety it actually gives peace of mind and a proof of knowing what is really happening. Of course you won't know that until you have one.



My AliveCor seems to die when it gets cold, just clicks and doesn't work. Warm it up and it works fine. Frustrating, thinking of contacting their customer services.


Mm Rosy, still wary I'm afraid. Presumably it needs a blood test to establish potassium levels? I once overheard a conversation between a doctor and patient where the doctor advised eating at least two bananas a day, more if possible, to increase potassium levels. On the other hand, my kidney patient sister had to restrict her potassium intake, including coffee and potatoes.


Jap, do you have an other medical issues you are aware of? Reason I ask is my episodes were controlled by Amiodarone for 18 months. I only had an episode when I overdid things for prolonged periods of time. The amiodarone caused me to have an overactive thyroid, which increased the frequency of my episodes, it also prolonged the amount of time I had them. At one point it was 4 days in AF and 4 days out. Anyway, when that got sorted my episodes started to get further and further apart to the point I only had one in the 8 weeks prior to my ablation. It's just a thought, but could there be something else causing the frequency of the episodes?

Good luck with the ablation by the way.


I have recently been treated for a cold/flu - here my cardiologist prescribes all my medicines supposedly to stop any interactions between drugs. It could have been that. Also recently (and I am not boasting, just being honest) I have been more sexually active than usual. (With 2 young kids it's difficult to find the time) and I hope and pray that's not the reason. My cardiologist did say orgasm can cause AF which is really depressing.


Perhaps strangely given anxiety etc AF has not affected my modest! sex life including orgasms, which I thought might be an issue but weren't.


Can The AF association find someone qualifeied to comment on some posts? Only ask as a lot of people taking supplements that can affect heart conditions. I Know consultants dont know everything but they know a whole lot more than me. No harm to ask what they think

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I would speak with your EP/Cardio or GP about any supplement queries, Frills. A lot of people on this forum give their opinion on how things affect them and it's based on their personal experiences. As with medications what works for one person doesn't necessarily work for another. I've asked when I've had appointments in the past and usually gone with the medical professionals opinion. It would be quite difficult for anybody to advise without knowing that persons full medical history. Have a Google on some of the supplements, but if you have any doubts have a word with your medical professional.


I was advising others really not to just go with supplements I wouldn't without ok ta anyway


About a year ago I asked my cardio about multivitamins and supplements, he said it wouldn't hurt but he couldn't say it would be of any benefit either. I see it like my acupuncture, it compliments the medicine, it isn't an alternative.


That's it, off to the cardiologist tomorrow, 7 days in a row with episodes. Had enough. Grumpy, depressed, fed up. Keep smiling for the children.

I'm glad I live in a place where I can go as easily as that and haven't got an 8 month wait as I was quoted on the nhs before I emigrated.

9am tomorrow, I'm first in the que.


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