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Just two weeks tomorrow post Ablation.The irregular heart beats ( which have resulted in the need to take Flecadine and Bisoprolol twice during this time) are getting less frequent...

I have resumed my walks averaging 3 to 4 miles most days..,However,I do feel breathless on even the slightest of gradients more so than prior to Ablation..Is this to be expected ?...C

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Hi Carol, I am pretty sure this is normal. I know I had lots of wheezy spells after all of my ablations. Not sure why but guess that maybe the pulmonary veins don't always like having burns around them and react badly slowing blood flow through the lungs. Could be talking nonsense but it works for me. Maybe some lurking GP may comment.



Thanks for your reply...

Bob I really should have listen to you months ago and accepted this Ablation when it was first offered to me but I had to research and research until I was finally certain it was the only way forward...

I am touching wood and crossing everything (that's my gypsie great great grandmother in me) as it is wonderful to be feeling better than I have done for years except for this slight breathlessness still...


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