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A F and amitriptyline

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I have been prescribed amitriptyline for sciatica. Have any other members taken it ? I am on bisoprolol and Apixaban.

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Yes. I have taken it for sciatica but was not on other meds. at the time.It did help but more than that I had hydrotherapy for about 3 months which helped enormously .

What dose? I take 10mg at night and the doctors and pharmacists have said that’s not a problem.

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trixie100 in reply to Kaz747

It says one or two 10 mg per night maybe I will just take the one for now

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Kaz747 in reply to trixie100

I’d make sure your medical team are all aware of it. I was put on Amitriptyline for postherpetic neuralgia.

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10gingercats in reply to Kaz747

I do not remember .It was a few years ago.I had the sciatica for 3 years.Nearly drove me insane.

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Hello and thank you for your post. It is advisable to just check with your GP or Pharmacist before introducing new painkillers, medications or supplements to your diet, they are able to recommend it they are suitable for you and will not interact with any of your prescribed medications. Many thanks, Tracy

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trixie100 in reply to TracyAdmin

Amitriptyline was prescribed to me today by my own GP

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TracyAdminAdministrator in reply to trixie100


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Vrouse in reply to trixie100

I would check with the pharmacist, they study medication and know about interactions

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Karendeena in reply to trixie100

See my reply Trixie

TracyAdmin my GP prescribed Amytripliine for me and my EP had a real issue with this. I would say check with Consultant

I've been on it in the past, take it earlier than suggested otherwise you'll be very tired the next day

Trixie. I was prescribed 10mg for Nueropathic pain. It put me in A E. Hospital Doc said it shouldnt have been prescribed . We are all differant though in our reaction to drugs. It work work on the pain though.

I was prescribed Amatriptilyne 30mg for pain relief 2+ years’ ago for post herpetic neuralgia pain following shingles n January 2019. It des nothing for the pain but I think it helps me to sleep which is a blessing otherwise I’m not sure how I would cope. I am also in HF with persistent AF largely asymptotic. I was on Bisoprolol when it was first prescribed but now take Nebivolol. Also Digoxin, Fuorsemide, Spironolactone, Entresto, Riveroxaban. The Cardiac GP I was seeing at the time was not very happy about me taking the Amatriptilyne which had been prescribed by another GP but it has not been mentioned again. I also have a CRT-p implanted. I find it hard to believe I am not on such a lot of medication having tried to avoid taking anything for most of my life. I seem to be making up for it now.!

I gather there's some evidence that amitriptyline can help with nerve pain - but variably so. For me it made me feel far too "zombie" like for the whole of the following day. My wife was given pregabalin for a similar need and she had the precise same effect and just couldn't tolerate it.

It's difficult to control, pain when taking an anticoagulant, that's for sure.


I have tried it 3 times with the same effect, get two hours sleep then wide awake. Next day I was like a zombie until about 4.00pm. I also take Bisoprolol, which is notorious for Insomnia. Spoke to Doctor about it who confirms my insomnia is likely to be caused by it, but It would not be advisable to stop taking it.

Yes i am on, it at the moment, i also take riveroxaban bisoprolol levothyroxine statins, furosemide, candesartan 32mg, no problems so far 🙏

Hi trixie, I found myself in a similar situation this week with my GP prescribing Amitriptyline for muscle and neck pain. I was cautious as I have been taken off all anxiety drugs by my EP as they were deemed dangerous with the meds I was taking for Afib and I know Amitriptyline is normally prescribed for this purpose.I checked with my EP and he categorically said z big no no as there were major contraindications with Sotalol and Apixaban and although rare could cause severe reactions. I am pleasedI did this but worried my GP thought the risk outweighed the benefits. I now take diazapam on occasions which seems to work and give me some rest

Hi. I was taken off it as soon as I developed my permanent a fib and heart failure, however now my neck and back pain is a daily struggle with pain. I do exercises and gave an electronic collar which help but do not work like amitriptyline. X

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