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What does Afib feel like?


I have daily ectopics but I'm not sure if I have afib. I have had 3 24hr holters but only lots of ectopics were detected. I sometimes have episodes of flutters that last for a few seconds - could this be afib?

Thank you,


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Doesn't sound like it at all Claire. AF is a non rhythm. Totally chaotic with no repetitive structure to it. Sounds like you have ectopics with occasional short non sustaining runs of tachycardia (fast heart rate) . Not dangerous per se but bl--dy annoying.

Claireh71 in reply to BobD

Thanks for your reply Bob. Sometimes my ectopics feel like they have no rhythm too though. I don't know what I have! I am going private to get a 5day holter monitor to see if anything else is detected.

doodle68 in reply to Claireh71

Hi Claire :-) some people have few symptoms so I guess for them it doesn't feel like much at all.

We are all different and I think our symptoms vary.

I have Paroxysmal AF and the worst episodes feel like I have run a marathon and had a terrible fright at the same time which has taken my breath away. My heart is pounding in my chest in a total chaotic way and a feeling of panic descends while my body shakes and my legs turn to jelly.

Claireh71 in reply to doodle68

Thanks for this description. I don't experience anything like this yet. But because I've had ectopics for 2 years now I worry that they will develop into something else.

Slipware in reply to doodle68

Does your head feel odd too?

Slipware in reply to Claireh71

So do mine, they trouble me much more that the occasional af.

.....Claire :-) this is a link to The British Heart Foundation website and if you scroll a little way down the page you can 'hear' what a pulse can sound like in AF as compared to a normal pulse beat . The speed of the beat can vary ....


Claireh71 in reply to doodle68

Thank you for this link - it was very helpful, trying to compare it to past episodes.

I agree with Goldie - buy a Kardia machine and do your own ecg whenever you feel odd beats. This machine is specifically designed to detect AF and is very useful. Your doctor/EP will also fine the reports useful in your diagnosis and treatment

Have your doctors ever given you a reason for developing arrhythmia? I'm 33 so age is not my answer. No doctor or cardiologist has provided me with a reason for suddenly having ectopics on a daily basis. There is no history of heart problems in my family.

Paper65 in reply to Claireh71

Mine started with ectopic and then it quickly developed into AF detected by a 5 day monitor. However, a really high percentage of the population have ectopic's and dont realise it. Hopefully you are part of the small percentage of the population that is just sensitive to this and it won't develop further . Fingers crossed


Slipware in reply to Claireh71

Any drug that could cause it? Lots of meds can cause arrhythmia.

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