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I am very happy I found this site I only get af once or twice a year now that I am on medication one quarter of a metoprolol and half a tambocor twice a day. Before I started the medication I would get af every three months. When I get af I fell like I am going to die and nobody could understand what it felt like. I am 56 and have had the problem for about 8 years . So what I am saying is its good to know there are other people out there that feel the same and there is some were to go to talk about it.

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Hi Crab you are not alone that is for sure. Probably 1.2 million people in UK have AF even if only 800.000 are diagnosed. We have all felt the fear and most of us have learned to deal with it and regain our lives so ask an questions and I'm sure we will be able to answer.

I@m sue you will by now know that your greatest risk is stroke and that you should by now have been evaluated for stroke risk and if appropriate put on anti-coagulation. If in doubt look up CHADS2 or CHADS2 VASC2 on the main website and work it out for yourself.



Same here Crab. I only found this site a year or so ago and the advice and help has been life-changing (for the better :-) ).



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Thanks guys


Same as Koll, i thought I was going to die pretty much immediately, the kind folk here changed my view with their warmth and depth of knowledge.




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