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Does anyone get a high racing pulse that remains regular but keeps going?


I started this yesterday about 7pm and it's still over 100 now at 2pm. I took 1.25mgs bisoprolol as well as my other meds, kept waking in the night . The pulse rate was 140 yesterday it's not AF as it is regular. Why does this happen, I don't know whether to see the doctor tomorrow or wait and see if it settles by itself. I'm resting in bed for today. Does anybody else get this and what do they do ? Thanks for all your support. Terry

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Terjo - I get rapid, regular bouts too but they don't last as long as yours - apparently mine are SVT. I stop mine with a Valsalva maneuver.

Sit down - or lie down. Breathe in and hold your nose and close your lips. Now try to force air out whilst bearing down as if you are on the loo. Breathe slowly and normally - it usually works with SVT for me.

Google it as my description may not be sensible enough. Good luck.


Here's a BUPA page on SVT

It has a self-help section which includes the above manoeuvre.


Hi there, sounds like SVT to me. I have them. Seek your doctors input tomorrow.

Best wishes.

It looks also like SVT to me but longer that the one I'm used to have , it is better to go for a check up with your doctor

I used to have those earlier but sotalol controlled them partially

Hope you will feel better soon


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Hi Maitha. Good to have you back.x

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Hi Maitha, how are you?


Thank you both for your quick replies. I've had this happen once before but it didn't last as long, I did try the manoeuvre but it didn't work unfortunately . I'll take another bisop tonight but daren't take too much as I only have them as an emergency as my BP is usually too low. I'll keep trying the manoeuvre and hope it rights itself. Thank you. Terry


Terry I agree basically with the above although it could be atrial tachycardaia as well I had this for some time which needed a cardioversion to re-set after my ablation.

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Darned computer posted before I had finished. I was going to say see your doctor as soon as you can in case they can catch it on ecg and see what is what. If you feel really bad I would go against me normal advice and see A and E for a similar reason.


Yes, I had a rate of 130 after an episode of AF, tried to tough it out and ended up in AandE with chest pain etc so I had to have an angiogram. In the end it was diagnosed as atrial tachycardia. I would do as Bob says, not something you want repeated too often if possible.

Best wishes, Julia

Hi Terry, I'm so sorry to hear you're having troubles. Yes, this happens to me as well. Not sure what the others will have to say, but in my case my cardiologist told me that it is not uncommon for people who have AF to experience Sinus Tachy. When it happens to me, I pretty much do what you're doing and wait for it to settle. Unless, of course I have other symptoms, i.e. chest pains, feeling faint, cramping in my legs or arms. It may sound funny, but one thing that I do when it happens to me is to drink a lot of water. I think staying really hydrated has helped to decrease my episodes of "run away heart." Hope this helps! Keep us updated. ~ KeL

Thank you all. It's now showing 109 beats per min. If it hasn't gone down by the morning I'll ring the doctor and get to the surgery. I hate worrying my husband but he'll drive me up there in the morning. I hate going to A and E as they send me to a bigger hospital further away and my husband insists on visiting twice a day if they keep me in which is a great strain on him. Thanks for your support as I can tell you that I'm worried. I'll let you know what happens. Terry .

Rapid HR without the fluctuations is the symptom of Atrial Flutter, which has been what I've been getting lately. From what I've read, AF and AFL have a habit of converting from one to the other. As I understand it, SVT is just a generic non-specific term that covers a multitude of different arrhythmias.

I would contact your surgery in the morning and tell them what has been happening. Hopefully they will suggest you going there for an ECG, then all will be revealed.

I have atrial flutter, which I'm told is probably as a result of the two ablations I've had. With mine the racing pulse sessions go on until it's cardioverted back.

Hope you are soon better.



This sounds like Atrial Flutter to me but would be revealed on an ECG by ' saw tooth ' waves . I have had alot of this , terminated by Dc cardioversions & an ablation . I found mine very troublesome with heart rate peaking at 245 + bpm & then settling around the 120 mark ( at rest ) . I believe this sort of thing comes under the SVT banner. I did not find that the Valsalva Manoeuver worked for me but it does for some so worth persevering with.

Do see your GP.


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Hi. I have had 4 episodes of rapid regular heartbeat 160/180 bpm went to A &E each time as they lasted hours not minutes, longest was over 24 hours each time it was seen on E.C.G and was told I was in A.F. Maybe it was irregular but didn't feel it to me. Last episode not as fast but irregular. Like everyone else says do try to get it sorted then you know exactly what you are dealing with. Hope things settle down soon. best wishes Kath

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If it was AF then it would be irregular __ no question

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AFL or fast AF is regular but fast heart rate. Last time. I was admitted the casualty doctor diagnosed SVT. The A&E nurse corrected him that I had fast AF and the nurse was right. cardiologist confirmed it.

Sounds like atrial flutter to me.

Still, only an ECG and a doctor can tell you what's what.


Could be atrial tachy cardia


Have you tried deep breathing and blowing into a tube like a syringe or breathing in and out slowly from the stomach this never fails me. Sounds like AF/SVT which I have. When your pulse is really fast and goes over 3hrs don't ignore it, its really important to get some help then.

I've booked an appointment for 12 midday and have just come out of the fast pulse, I'm still going to see dr. Felt really awful and frightened and then had buzzing in my ears and silence. I knew it had converted as this is what happens when it goes back in sinus rhythm when I have AF. I took my pulse and it was 60, first thing this morning it was 114.

I feel washed out but so happy that I won't have to go to hospital, I'll let you know what the doctor says, thank you all for seeing me through and staying with me. By the way I'd just taken my sodium tablet before the pulse went back to normal. Terry

Hi Terry

I have the same symptoms and have been very interested by the replies you've received. I've just read on a patient health site that atrial flutter can last a week or more. I'm in day 6, functioning but not feeling great and really uming & erring about going to A&E. Maybe tomorrow! It does feel completely different to fibrillation. As I said on a previous post I'm more concerned that my drugs don't appear to be effective (Amioderone 200mg and Bisoprolol 7.5mg).

HI , I am post ablation but have had a single episode of this in the evening , it came on about 9pm and was still going when I went to bed , but settled over the night and was ok in the morning. I put it down to having had a chinese meal for dinner.

May I ask what you had dined on prior to the episode.

good luck


Went to doctor. He said I should have gone to A and E as some of you recommended if it goes on for longer than three hours. Sorry not to have listened to you. We asked what would have happened if I had gone into hospital and he said they would probably have given me an intravenous drip of amioderone which would have converted me. Things have changed over the years as the first time I went to A andE years ago the young Dr had never heard of AF . The doctor also said I could stay in the local hospital and did not have to go to the bigger one if I did not want to. My husband and I both feel reassured. I also had a blood test and have to see doctor again tomorrow morning. Great to have you all here to talk to. Thank you. Terry

My blood test result was129 so still too low. I go back for another blood test on 2 sept.

Yes I suffer from this. It's called inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia. Been given Bisoprol too which has helped but has also lowered BP so still constantly exhausted.

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