Does anyone know where to get an INR check in Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia?

I am planning an independent trip through these countries this winter and am certain to need an INR check in two if not all three. Failing that, does anyone know if it's possible to hire a device such as a Coaguchek? Buying a new one would really burden my small budget already overloaded by insurance as I'm 72 and have one or two problems. Dabigatran is not a solution: too risky to reverse in case of accident. Hope this forum which I think is great can help.

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  • There must be health clinics over there although I suspect that it will cost you. Perhaps their embassy could advise you?

  • Not sure if I managed to post my reply successfully, so forgive me if this is a repeat...thanks very much for your quick reply. The embassies idea is good and I'll try that. It's not so much paying for the test that bothers me, it's whether the INR is truly internationally recognised. I'll keep you posted!

  • Thanks kdee. I'll research those websites. As I said to mumknowsbest I think I'm mostly concerned that the INR test truly is international. I'm a fairly intrepid traveller but haven't been out of Europe since AF 4 years ago and have not been to that region before. I'll post my findings.

  • International SOS clinics have a good reputation and are in both Vietnam and Cambodia.

    In Laos, there are options listed here:

    The clinic at the Australian Embassy is reputable.

    To find these places when you're there, hotel staff have a good appreciation of where to send foreigners for medical assistance and will even give directions to a tuk tuk driver if you ask nicely.

    If you're worried, print out the names, logos and addresses of the clinics and then get a hotel staff member to write the address down in the local language for you so you can get directions as you go along. If a tuk tuk driver doesn't know where to go in Asia, he asks other people and you always get there in the end! However, they'll be pretty aware of these locations. I'd also find the places on Google maps and print them out so you can find them yourself if required.

    Enjoy your trip!

  • Hello again kdee - I hope you read my first thank you. I've now checked out the InternationalSOS site and the really helpful info re Vientiane and feel much reassured. I''m going to explore whether it's possible /a good idea to move my travel insurance to SOS, tho I imagine it would be possible to request a one-off blood test when I'm there. Thanks once again for your reassuring advice.. I fully intend to enjoy my trip, notwithstanding!

  • Not sure if this helps but I have recently been in Thailand and I had no problem arranging an INR test very quickly and cheaply at a private hospital in Bangkok. They also gave me a full examination as part of the service. They adjusted my warfarin dose expertly in line with the INR result. They were fully aware and very knowledgeable about AF and I was completely confident with their expertise and treatment.

  • Hello Yamaha - yes this does help as we are travelling via Bangkok and I could very well need a check at that point as my INR is pretty unpredictable. is it possible to let me know the name of the hospital you used? Very many thanks!

  • Yes the hospital is called Bumrungrad

  • Thanks very much again yamaha

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