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procedures for AF

Have had AF for 4 Years now and have just been taken off aspirin and put on warfarin. Just wondered when one is usually offered any procedures for AF as I haven't had any mentioned either by my GP or Cardiologist. Should I beg for further intervention ,I wonder, or be satisfied with a Daily dose of Bisoprosol and Warfarin ?? And feeling tired out.

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Will you read the responses to the post "Life threatening."?

If I were you I would ask for a referal to an EP for a further opinion. Please don't sit back and suffer. You need positive input so that you are not left to get progressively worse. Good luck.

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Thanks for that.Could you tell me how you go about finding a good one? Anyone recommend one in Sheffield/ Lincoln/Leicester areas please ? GP wasn't enthusiastic when I mentioned going--but this was ages ago.I will try again.


I had been refered to a Cardiologist at our Regionl Hospital in North Wales. He refered me on to Liverpool where there are 7 EPs working. I don't think that your GP can do a direct referal to the EP.


Hi linc2u,I would ask to see an EP and he may recommend an ablation which is what a lot of us on here have had done,but don,t sit and suffer sometimes you have to push your GP a little

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I believe its has to be referal from the Cardiologist. Who might or might not think it beneficial. Whichever, push to see an EP.

Although now changed,

I'm also shocked to read you were on aspirin for four years instead of Warfarin. Some doctors are backwards in their practise.


I was referred to an EP by my GP


Yeah mine was via a Cardiologist to EP from my hospital bed. Go to your Doc and say you want a referral to be investigated for AF.

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Hi Lincu

I feel like the PM when he says "I refer the honourable members to the answer I gave some moments ago" as I have just answered almost the same question.

Surely the answer is it depends, on what I would say on you symptoms and the severity of those symptoms.

Personally I am in persistent (continuous) AF but apart from that and feeling very tired in the afternoon, I am just about symptomless.

Do I need further intervention?, I would argue no not yet, maybe at some time in the future, certainly you will hear many say "it only ever gets worse", but I have probably been continuous for at least 5 years now and apart from one episode, not it hasn't.

What does appear to be true is that the longer you are in AF the more difficult it is to bring someone out, probably because the electrical channels are much harder to change. But does that mean I should rush for an early ablation?. I don't think so, but some of course will disagree.

What I would say to you is it depends on your symptoms, and by the way there are other drugs apart from Bisoprolol which might suit and make you less tired, you should ask your cardio about this.

Does it affect my life, of course, but not much, I still work full time (and more) I still do most of the things I did before, just that my ambition of playing in the World Cup Final for England (rugby of course) might be a little more distant now, and maybe the bungee jumping might be set aside for a little while along with the professional wrestling.

Stay anti-coagulated that's essential, and then let your symptoms guide your next steps with professional advice.

Be well



In short, you have a heart rhythm "disorder", so you should see a heart rhythm specialist (or EP, Electrophysiologist). Only they are the specialists. A GP has put me on the wrong drugs for me (which happened to be Bisoprolol) and also a cardio did the same. The EP took me straight of it both times and I'm on a drug that suits me much better and I don't feel tired at all.

I am not saying you are on the wrong drug, it may be the right one, but it's the EP/Heart Rhythm Specialist that should decide this, not someone who isn't a specialist. Just my opinion from experience, no medical training whatsoever.

I have also had referrals direct from my GP to a Heart Rhythm Specialist / EP. I don't really understand why you have to go to a "cardio" first, because EP's are cardios, just with extra training and a speciality. That's my understanding anyhow, just from what I've read, could well be wrong, it's happened before :-) .

Good luck on your Af journey.


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Knoll is right - an EP is a cardiologist with an extra specialism is arrythmnia. Your GP, or even you, can find out the names of EP’s locally and get a direct referral. It'll just waste time if you go to a normal cardiologist and then get referred on.


Thankyou so much for your replies. Heartening to find folk who understand. An EP is now on my shopping list !!!!


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