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Strong pain killers

Hi all

They say it never rains but pours and in my case it an heavy down pour. I am writing this in complete agony as I slipped my disc 4days ago I can't stand walk or sit and sleeping is a no no the doctor give me diazepam and naproxen but it does nothing for this pain. The doctor said he can't give me anything stronger as it could start off my afib god I'm going up the wall with this pain. I have just booked a session of acupuncture as I am desperate any ideas would be more than welcome :(

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I meant to ask this as a question but

Got confused with the new layout sorry


I totally sympathise. When I slipped a disc I had more pain than I had giving birth to 2 boys. It swamps you.

You need to see a qualified osteopath. Meantime you need to keep moving as much as possible otherwise you will seize up. ( I was told to stay in bed for a Week - rotten advice )

If you are laid down and want to turn over then draw your knees up towards your chest to ease the manoeuvre .

The pain will ease eventually but you are going to have to learn how to protect that disc otherwise it could slip again.


What misery for you - the pain is agony. The only relief I got immediately after slipping a disc some years back was laser and ultrasound treatment - especially the laser - when I was referred to a physiotherapist. I agree, move about when you can - be careful when sneezing - I put my disc out again doing that. When you lie down on your side, a small pillow between your knees may help.

I finally got rid of the repeated 'slips' when I went against my GP's advice and had a series of private sessions with an excellent chiropractor. Good luck.

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Hi llamudos,What ever you do don,t take Ibuprofen,It,s one of the pain killers that is now linked to AF


Jeez never knew that! I took tons of it for years! Oh well that's another precipitant added to my long list




Heavy on the exercise

Bad diet/MSG

Etc etc :-D :-D


The Dutch did a 25-year study of non steroid anti inflammatory drugs and the onset of AF and published results a few months back relating the use of Ibuprofen and Diclofenic (sp?) to AF. I forget the actual figures but the link looked very significant for people over 55 developing AF within a year of taking either of these drugs.

There were a couple of threads about it on here at the time.


Oh well can't turn back the clock but will mention that to others!


Thank you all for your posts I will certainly try out some of your ideas the crazy thing is the pain as gone from my back and is now in my thigh and knee ouch !! I know some of you may well wonder why I am talking about slip discs on this site, but it as highlighted the need to know what we can and cannot take


Sounds like the disc is irritating or touching your sciatic nerve which is why you have leg pain - a physiotherapist told me that when my thigh was numb and my leg kept collapsing under me!


Hi.. back in May 1986 I was on the mixing end of concrete. don't know how many ton of ballast I shifted into the cement mixer,

it was for the top section of the center path of a commercial glasshouse. 7ft X 100ft x 6 inches.

Any way the next day I was in agony.... I stayed that way for three weeks. But.... on each Wednesday of those weeks I saw an osteopath.

The last time I ended up unable to walk, & had to be carried by husband & son onto a bed from the kitchen. News of thas sent the osteopath into a spin.

Next day I crawled into the GP,,,,, he found the disc. !!!!! His instructions were as follows

:- Husband move furniture in lounge. place a sheet onto carpet..In line with TV. I was to Lie down & stay down for 48 hours. Allowed up for toilet only. No shower/ bath / eating.

Eat flat on the floor. The pain killers didn't do much apart from make my head spin.

It was unbelievable agony for the first 24 hours. ( I did use a very thin pillow ......)

The second 24 hours the pain started to ease And I could feel the disc going back into place. Wishful thinking .... I don't think so.

I got up at the end of the 48 hours for a shower and feeling very much easier.... but I could not get back onto that floor fast enough. I spent another night on the lounge floor before I returned to my bed. Which by then had boards under the mattress. 11 days later I went back to the GP who was delighted with the progress.

The months of June & July I stayed on the floor most days.

But today all those years later..... My back is perfect. You would never know I had had a slipped disc . There is nothing I cant do. As for the GP I had called him all the names I could think of..... But he's still is my hero.

As for osteopaths....... never again.


Discs are nothing but trouble. Following some useless physiotherapy I suffered a prolapsed disc which resulted in all the symptoms elsewhere described. It is important to get some expert opinions and treatment as damaged or strangulated nerves will only tolerate the abuse for about a year, Then they stay dead. (that's how it was put to me!). Two operations followed to try and give the spinal nerve some leeway but I've ended up now with a dead leg - minus knee and heel reflexes and a very limited walking ability.

I'm not trying to scare you (does sound like it when I re-read this!). Yes , do get either an osteopath's help or that of a chiropractor. Keep as mobile as you can. With the AF drugs, including Warfarin, you will find that Naproxen, Ibuprofen, etc are not advisable. I was allowed Co-codamol to look after back problems which are OK at times. Stick with it llumados. The pain will not get worse than that original nightmare experience.

All the best. David.


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