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Post ablation medication change.

It is now 7 days since my ablation and I still haven't felt my heart. I still have a hacking cough and our nurse has recommended steam and Vick.

I had hoped to be able to report my GP's reaction to the changes made by the EP. Specifically will the Welsh NHS agree to fund it?

Unfortunately the appointment was cancelled as the GP is off sick.

I detail below the changes and my understanding of the reasons :-

Continue with 2x 100 mg Flecainide and start 2.5 mg Bisoprolol. WHY? Flecainide can cause other arrhythmias and the Bisoprolol counteracts the effect. Stop both after 2 months.

Stop warfarin and start 2 x 150mg dabigatran etexilite capsules ( Pradaxa) and 1 x 30 mg lansoprrazole gastro resistant capsules.. WHY? My INR has been unstable latterly and this new anticoagulant will give better protection against strokes. NB they had to test my kidney function before giving me the Pradaxa and it is known to cause digestive problems in some people. I'm not sure what it's doing to me but my previously quiet guts are now gurgling like a drain!

Anti coagulation to continue long term.

I will report back when I know how the Welsh Assembley Government react to all this!

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Hi Jenny, the only thing I can see is the possibility of the pradaxa being questioned. The lanzoprazole is just an anti indigestion pill (ant acid) to help your gut. Good luck there and let us know what happens.



That all sounds like a good medical plan, jennydog - apart from the gurgling drain! I hope it all goes well, but isn't it strange that politicians can overrule the clinical advice of a consultant? I assume that they limit your GP's funds in Wales. Over here (NI), we are centrally funded too, but the rows are usually about the funding of really expensive treatments, rather than something like Pradaxa or Apixaban.

Have you ever tried a teasp of honey mixed into a small glass of very hot milk for a cough? Sounds disgusting but I found it helpful for easing the lungs. Sip it as hot as you can. :)

Take care.


Thank you for that advice. I keep thinking that all the coughing is bad for the heart. I am just so amazed that I cannot feel it beating. I was equipped with a card with emergency phone numbers for follow up advice and I really did expect problems. I know it's early days but I really do feel better. I had slowed down a great deal and felt so old that I really thought that I'd have to down-size and buy a flat with no garden. AF is so debilitating!


Hi! Just wanted to tell you that I also live in Wales and my GP has prescribed Dabigatran in place of Warfarin. No problems with the Welsh Government or discomfort as I ensure that I take them with food. I'm seeing a Cardiologist privately on 23rd so very interested to hear where you had your ablation? I live in the Vale of Glam and I'm seeing Mr Fong Leong.

Hope you're feeling better. Kind regards.


Hi. There seem to be quite a lot of us in the vale of glamorgan. Maybe something in the water?! I live in llantwit major and am seeing Dr. Peter o Callaghan at the heath. X


Thank you for replying. I had my ablation in Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital. It is rated a Centre of Excellence. There are 7 EPs working there. Mine is Dr Derrick Todd. Bob knows him - he is very highly regarded. My ablation was done by Dr Richard Snowdon because Dr Todd had to deal with a teenager emergency. He did see the computer mapping towards the end of my procedure so he is aware of the findings. Dr Snowdon is amazing. He came to see me 3 times . He is amazingly skilled and a thoroughly nice man.


Hi again. I live in Barry! How many other members are in the Vale?

I've been seeing Dr Shetty, a stroke specialist, at the Heath. He diagnosed me with .AF in A&E. I'm on the waiting list for Mr Leong but have no idea how long it is. Several months I think, so I'm off to Spire on the23rd to hopefully find out what my options are.


I reckon 5 or 6 at least. Think I will start a new post and see if there is any interest in meeting up at some point.sorry to have interrupted your post Jenny dog. I also went to the spire as my appointment hadn't come through after 8 months. I saw Dr o Callaghan there and he has now transferred me to his national health list for ablation. Best thing I ever did.


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