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On the 30th June I had my 3rd ablation

Slowly been getting for, slow

Swimming been managing to do 25-30 lengths 3 times a week, then yesterday 9th August my heart went upto 135bpm and all over the place. Totally wiped me out for the rest of the day. Today my right leg feels heavy and there is an ache top left side of my chest. I've done my heart rate and this morning it's back in normal beat which is 85-90. Does this mean my af is back or just a blip. I so want this to work as it's really affecting my life. Please help

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Hi Brickie - Don't despair your heart probably hasn't had time to heal properly yet after your last ablation.

I used to find that while I exercised daily my heart would be fine, but if I sat around too much that was sometimes a trigger. After two ablations I have been left with atrial flutter and after seeing my EP last week have been told that because of the extensive scaring in my heart a further ablation for this would be difficult and unlikely to help. A few months ago I decided to help myself by eating healthily, no sweets, chocolate or artificial additives. Please, please try this as it has really helped me.

I know I shouldn't brag as this tempts fate but since March I've been extremely well.



Hi jean

Thank you for the reply.

That's what I said I'm tired when I don't do anything so better to be tired and doing exercise. I'm due to go and see the consultant next month I've noted down what I've been doing when I've had these fast heart rates.

I've also changed my diet and

So far lost 12lb. So all good really.

Beckie xxx


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