Let's have a fun discussion for once! I often wonder how people here choose their names?

I came up with mine because my heart used to act like a trapped butterfly sometimes and my granddaughter used to say 'buffafly' when she was tiny, seemed to fit somehow. Aussie John seems descriptive (discounting the other meaning of 'john'), BobD is pretty straightforward I think, but some names seem very significant or creative, for instance there is a Jedi Master here somewhere......Answers in a post please!

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  • Hi Buffafly,

    Afraid I must be a bit of a stick in the mud, I've used my real name 'cos I've got nothing to hide. I suppose I could be 'Postie' as I run a Post Office, or C Lockie because I repair clocks (in fact I have used the latter on other forums) but I suppose I'm just a dull old man and couldn't be bothered.


  • Afraid mine's boring. Didn't want my real name Incase my GP was on here lol.

    One of the first posts I read was from poppyseed which I thought lovely.

    That being the kinda thing I wanted. I kept putting names in but they had been used, so just kept throwing names at it, with no real consideration and for my sins this was the first that was accepted !! My teacher always said I needed to pay more attention !

  • Like most of my relatives on one side of the family, I have Miller as my second given name and backwards it's Rellim. I don't really need the 296!

  • PS 296 has nothing to do with the year of my birth!

  • We've got a motorhome and guess what......we call it FlapJack!

  • Ours is Waggie - no need to ask....

  • Hi Buffafly......intrigued???

  • Hi, my husband called it The Wagon, trying for a bit of dignity after Tickie and Bumble, but it got shortened of course! I meant that I wouldn't choose Waggie as a name, too doggy

  • I'm MrsPat because Pat is a unisex name and I wanted to make it clear that I'm female. if someone calls me Patricia, it usually means I'm in trouble or something official is happening. Wish I was more imaginative! Only guessing, but I think a few people have given away their age by mentioning their birth year in their names.

  • Oh! It's not Mr Spat then...? lol

  • If you knew my FB name, you would have seen that I posted yesterday that I was in a very argumentative mood! Luckily I don't suffer from high blood pressure as well. As I say to my family, start worrying when I stop arguing.

  • Same here, I didn't want friends, family or doctors to "find" me here, so I picked a name that would have no relevance to anyone here. A dear friend of mine wrote a story about Iris and told me later that it was all about me. I've used it from time to time as a result!

    Good idea Buffafly!

  • I have used the name of a very special horse I owned because it is unusual there is a good chance no one else will have it.x

  • Buffafly,

    I was born in Cambridge, UK, went to Australia just after end of WW2, returned and grew up in Surrey and returned to Oz as a singleton in 1967. Returned here in 2005 for a working holiday ... still here, still working, complete with AF :--) -now in Cornwall.

    Choose Aussie simply because Australia was the country that shaped me as a person ( warts 'an all). John is my real name.


  • I chose 'fallingtopieces' as that's how I have felt the past few years.

    What with a dodgy hip, bad back and other bits and bobs, all springing up one after the other.

    My real name is Pat(Patricia) too. I don't mind if anyone I know recognises me on here although I don't actually know anyone else with heart rhythm problems so it's unlikely.

    I'm not on any other health forums but I do belong to one connected with being a hedgehog carer where I post as 'hoglover' !


  • What a nice idea for a thread Buffafly. (I always mentally puff up my cheeks to read your id!!)

    I chose Finvola to become something romantic, anonymous and linked to the myths and legends of the area where I live.

  • I love your name - does what it says on the tin

  • I chose Langara as it was the golf course in Canada where I scored my first hole in one - made me feel special that day!

  • First!! You mean there was more? You must be pretty good at it then.


  • Lol. Not good, just lucky, and I have only had 2 .

  • I was always told that you create you own luck, so by my reckoning you must have some talent.


  • Thank you Cyril, but I'm a 16 handicap , so the golf Gods must have smiled kindly on me on both occasions.

  • Beancounter, because that's how I earn my living.

    How do you drive an accountant completely insane? Tie him to a chair, stand in front of him and fold up a road map the wrong way.

    Completely true by the way

  • Sorry Ian l don't understand that.?????

  • Oh, that's what I've been doing wrong all these years!

  • That is great, I am going to try it out on my sister!

  • Oh so oooooo true!!!

  • I only became Bob D because another Bob came on our original forum a few years ago and we needed to differentiate. That's a long word after three glasses of wine!.


  • So your 3rd ablation truly did work!!!! I can't wait for a glass of red or champagne!

  • ha ha yes but I do still get some odd ectopics and occasional tachycardia but then doesn't everybody. Spent yesterday being driven round an old airfield sideways in a drift car and even that didn't upset me. A bit stiff this morning form all the banging about mind you.

  • fabulous, as for the stiffness--- like the ectopics, wouldn't every body be a bit stiff after a drift car session! Bravo!

  • My first love when l was 15....sang to me with his beautiful Welsh voice "caramia why" by Gene Pitney....l have just listened to it on u tube now and it brought back all those lovely memories..

  • Ian, that would also drive my husband insane and he isn't an accountant.x

  • I live in a place called Bretton...

  • Would that be Bretton in West Yorkshire? Near my favourite place of the YSP?

  • Is it Bretton near Chester ?

  • This was 'name' was given to me by a very dear friend. So it is very special to share it with friends


  • Thank you all, that was even more interesting than I hoped it would be and I hope a few more will join in!

  • Good post and I love your name Buffafly and the story of how you thought of it! Me, I love the sea, my pic is of a sea horse who thinks he is a bit of weed, by the way so I am always dreaming of the sea =CDreamer.

  • This is a fun thread to read for sure. I joined just as my dream of being a grandma came true and my granddaughter's initials are SRM :-)

  • Mine is easy, have a fine arts degree and love the sea

  • Japaholic because I'm addicted to Japan, it's culture, landscapes, my wife and children (who are Japanese) it's language, it's weirdness, it's discipline, it's cleanliness.

  • G'day Japaholic,

    Yep, I know what you mean about Japan - fell in love with many of those things you mentioned when I made a business trip there when I lived in Australia - I had the good fortune to have some spare time and so although based in Tokyo I managed to squeeze in trips to Hiroshima, Osaka and Kobe. Next time - I'd love to get away from the cities into the countryside.

    Aussie John

  • I live in a small village outside the city of Matsuyama on Shikoku Island. It's just beautiful.

  • Kakapo because it is my favourite bird and because I had my first af attack on one of the islands it lives on. It is a flightless, nocturnal, moss coloured, parrot on a slow comeback from extinction. We now have about 125.

  • Stupid me couldn't think of a username so years ago I used to get called Lindy Loo so settled on Loo53 because that is the year of my birth also. My real name is Linda.

  • My name is the place I am currently living.

  • I chose my name as I had Wolfe Parkinson Whyte all my life plus my age

  • When I first joined AFA (No. 3) I wasn't use to forums or networking sites. I too didn't particularly want people to find me but knew they wouldn't by just using my real christian name. The 123 was the door number of my childhood home and thought as a child it was a great number, a bit like ABC.

    I now belong to 2 other groups for hobbies and I'm known as Mermaid stitcher on one due to my love of the sea (and it's a cross stitch site) and Teddy Bears on the other after my late husband as it was his nick name.

    I have so enjoyed this and often wondered how people chose their names. Maybe we should do something like this once a month say?

    Wishing everyone one a happy, healthy and worry free day.

  • Mine is easy

    Fee (usually Fi) short for Fiona

    J initial of middle name

    Bee ( b ) initial of surname

    Wishing all a Happy Heart Day x

  • Mammacass.. I grew up in the 60's when the mammas and papas were very popular and the oldest of five children, it's the nick name my siblings gave me

  • Mine is not because I enjoy AF - its the first and last letter of my first name and the first three letters of my second name.

  • I think my name speaks for itself. I have always loved porridge. It is my comfort food. I eat it hot for breakfast every morning rain or shine - not always oats (though that is my favourite) I also have barley, quinoa and millet all brightened up with any combination of cinnamon, fruit, nuts, seeds, honey and yoghurt.

    I now sound like the most boring person in the world!!!

    Happy Heart Day from me as well. x

  • G'day porridgequeen,

    OMG ! reading about your foodstuffs ........ I'd so love all of that .... I'm dribbling, drooling, salivating at the thought of all that - especially a plate of steaming hot porridge, a drop of rich cream and brown sugar ........... OMG !

    BUT if I had all/any of that now it would almost surely upset my digestive system with a bloody good chance of sending me off into AF.

    Its as simple as that for me.

    May the force be with you.

    Aussie John

  • Aussie John that is such a sad message, especially as I am currently stuffing myself with porridge (fuel, or a force!, for minding my grandchildren). Have you tried a very, very small, very, very, sloppy mixture just to satisfy the longing?

    As if AF isn't enough!


  • Porridge with blueberries and made with almond milk and a little spoon of honey on top - nectar of the gods!! Fav breakfast. happy eating porridge queen :-)

  • Ooooh Yes! That sounds delicious. I love breakfast- it is never disappointing.

    Happy porridge eating to you as well Delphetta. It is nice to know I am not the only addict and, of course, Aussie John is with us in spirit.

  • I guess I'm fairly single-minded!

  • I wanted Ratbag on other forums but always taken so tried Bagrat and decided to avoid confusion (mine!) I'd stick with it. Try to remember to sign Wendy B as at least one other Wendy on here I think. Great idea for a thread.

  • What an interesting thread! Loving finding out how everyone came by their names. I've had this one for about four years in a war-game I play, Kingdoms of Camelot (hubby's idea, I hasten to add). Lots of mediaeval mayhem! And I originally chose it for fairly obvious reasons, haha, though I'm on a diet now so perhaps it needs changing to Eats-a-littlie!

  • My children call me the clean freak, although my husband does most of the cleaning now that he is retired (not always to my standard, but beggars can't be choosers) and I get tired easily. I do continually fuss over minor details though in my work and home life so I became Fussyface.

  • I had a cream Labrador dog called max hence maxdog but I had to put a number in somewhere for my email address password , so I just picked 01 as the password had to be 8 letters / numbers long. I've since got another lab called Rocco , ( and changed my password ) but my username reminds me of my beautiful first dog who grew up with my 2 boys and brought us so much joy


  • Ginni is my family nickname from when I was small. My real name is Jan, but actually prefer to be called Ginni hence my user name. Good lighthearted thread......next one "the area in which you live". Perhaps next month as suggested. Ginni x

  • Mine was from my old CB Handle. I used to do cut to size of timber products in my family business. I moved from CB to Ham Radio but G0DCZ does not trip off the tongue so well ;)

  • My old CB handle was Pipe Dream - I use to manage a branch of an hydraulic company!

  • My CB handle was Whitebird for obvious reasons but I gave that gave up when they ruined it by going FM.


  • That is what made me go Ham. My first HF rig was a 1947 valve set rx and tx but the sound quality was the best I had ever heard.

  • My dear ( English ) Dad wanted to call me Penelope ( Penny ) but my straight-talking Scots mother said, " There'll be nae Penelopes in this hoose ! " so I chose it in tribute to him and 08 is my lucky number!!

  • My forum name is from my favourite beach in South Devon where I have been going since a small child.

  • Elbows was the name given to me in competition by other Mountain Bikers and Cyclo Cross Riders. Well you have to use everything to win don't you! Took it as a compliment and it stuck and people on the race scene still know me as Elbows...

  • Great thread! My AF always felt like I had a box of frogs in my chest, I have a love of frogs and my young cousin says "It is froggy outside" Instead of foggy. I really couldn't have chosen anything else really :-D

    Real name Joan x

  • mine's fairly obvious, the first three letters of my name and surname. But also the affectionate name my dad called me when I was little. jan-ran

    (or JanR which I sometimes use if there's another Jan on the forum.)

  • When I first got into Bulletin boards/chat applications I was at Uni in Lincoln and a fan of Star Wars...... most of my nicknames since the mid 90s have been along this theme!

  • I'm originally from Lincoln, love the cathedral, the bail gate and the Arbo. Unfortunately that's about it, I emigrated a year ago and don't plan on going back ever!

  • Hi....it goes without saying where my name comes from.

    Budgie is a nickname we have for him.

    He knows he's a lovely boy. He's house trained apart from feathers here & there and afew seed husks near his cage.

    He was a. Christmas prezzy 34 years ago .... at just 6 months old.

    He gives us love and giggles

    I m rather pleased to be his 'mom'


  • I wish I'd have thought up something more imaginative now after reading some of your reasons. Mine is my first name and B is the first letter of my surname. AndyB was taken, so I adapted it to Bee.

  • was a radio officer in the merchant navy in the days of morse code

  • Just wanted to be a bit anonymous as knew I was going to be asking some daft questions. real name Kath and year I was born, and I know I probably have more daft questions.

  • I just try to pick names that have something to do with the forum subject. (The "1" was added by the system when the forum changed format.)

  • I am a Jo and the rest of the name is an anagram of my maiden name. Also my first boyfriend used to call me jollies because I could never be too serious!

  • I chose my name as my mum (now deceased) went to see a film when she was carrying me it was called The Honorable Mr Wong and the leading lady was Loretta Young and in the film her name was Toya Sann, yes your'e right she gave that name to me. Sann

  • My mother got my name from aa story in a magazine. I was supposed to be a boy so my parents had not chosen a girl's name. Some of their first ideas were pretty awful so I'm grateful to the author although my name (Julia) always seems to be given to the baddie on TV!

  • Hi mine being poppy storey , My mums maiden name was Storey and my uncle chinese girl girl friend with the same birthday ,was poppy as i was brought up mainly by gran i got little Poppy Storey ,it stuck well ,Have a great day God Bless you all

  • I pinched the idea of mine from a friends username on a running website.

  • Great question! I have to admit that my names on such sites are not very well thought through and pretty boring lol. Think a lot was to do with remembering yet another - so basically my name with easy-to-remember medical number!

    I often wish was more imaginative, but not when comes to remember all the user names and passwords we need to know these days.

    Bev999 (lest I forget!).

  • Delphetta is the long version of my cats name. She was a really good therapist last year after my heart attack in fact Buffafly you have prompted me to have her as my profile picture if I can work out how to create it!!! Also I work in the NHS and prefer to be annoymous which is why I have chosen Delphetta. I don't want the patients who come to see me identifying me from my posts. I love your name 'Buffafly'. If I was choosing an AF name it would have to be boxoffrogs!!!

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