Stomach Problems

Since my ablation in November 2013( which seems to be successful) I seem to be having a lot if problems with my stomach - indigestion, heartburn and bloating. Over the last two days I have woken up feeling nauseous and vomiting. My stomach is empty so just retching and some liquid being expelled. The nausea may just be a bug but interested if anyone else has this and any advice on dealing with it.

Thanks in advance.

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  • I had my Ablation 2 weeks ago today ,yesterday my tummy was very hard and bloated and quite painful to touch.I have also felt very very nauseous.It would be interesting to know if it is something to do with the Ablation.

  • Thanks for reply and yes, I think I have heard others say this.

  • Lot of bugs going round but go and speak to your GP there could be something else going on

  • hoping its a bug but will go to gp if it doesn't clear up.

    Thanks for reply

  • I hope you are feeling better soon. I have had continual indigestion with bloating and burping since my ablation in April. Cider vinegar before a meal helps. However I never feel quite right.

  • Ok. Thanks for that. I really think there is some connection as I know others on here have mentioned it. Will ask my EP as I have an appointment in august and will feed back if any thing useful is suggested.

  • as part of my ablation I was put on omeprazole which I believe reduces stomach acid. I got the impression that this was standard practice in New Zealand but I may be wrong. I have not had my three months follow-up so I don't know how long I'm supposed to stay on it.

  • Thanks kakapo. That's very interesting. I am now 8 months post ablation and still having problems with this.

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