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Early clot formation pre ablation from 1/2 day cessation of Eloquis, and lovenox bridge!


Hi, I am so frustrated as I have been prepped twice for ablation, only to awake and find that they could not do procedure,due to beginnings of clot formation in Atrial appendage. The second time, they also had me on a lovenox bridge, and it still happened coming off the eloquis. Since then, I have started on Coumadin instead, and in a few weeks, they will try again. I have no structural issues in my heart, and have always been healthy. . Has anyone else had issues like this? Would appreciate any input!

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Here in UK more EPs are doing ablation without stopping anticoagulation these days. Even bridging with heparin is risky and many do TOE before to check as obviously happened in your case.

can't help but wonder if NOACs cause a stroke as the warning label indicates stopping them can give you one =:0

I only started A/C in order so I could have an ablation. I started Pradaxa 25 days before the ablation and continued it until 3 months after

The warfarin will hopefully sort it out. However it is vital that it is uninterrupted, i.e. you continue on warfarin throughout the ablation with no "bridging" using lovenox or heparin. Bridging compared with uninterrupted anticoagulants causes many times more strokes and bleeds.

Yes, Mayleen posted on this 4 days ago


May I ask what dose of Apixaban (Eloquis) you had been taking?

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