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Visit to see Cardo Team today and results

Went to Queens Hospital, Romford today, possible already knowing the outcome, but was still in shock in the result.

Confirmed I am in AF, and electrical cardioversion is not option as last time they had to shock me 3 times.

So now talking about surgical ablation but now have to wait to see the specialist team, also will have have a machine to records my heart beat for 7 days, because starting to feel faint on a regularly bases, and they need to find out if heart either go to slow or fast, blood pressure was ok whilst awaiting to see Dr.

So really just written this because I need advise / comfort.

Karen x

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Hi Karen, not a lot of advice other than go with the flow. You need the 7 day Holter to see what is going on. Bit of a faff with wires stuck to you but only for a week. I really don't know much about Queens as I moved from there before it was built (remember the Oldchurch Hospital well though) but my Aunt was in and out of there for years till she died earlier this year at 93 and I have been there. Think you need a sat nav to find your way about. lol

I did think that Basildon was the main local centre for E P heart stuff these days but maybe not.

Try not to worry as this will only make things worse. We do sympathise as we have all been there and in my case worn out two T shirts.



Thanks Bob, could not remember what the 7 day thing was called. Yes it so true you do need a Sat Nav getting around the hospital lol,



Hi Karen, please dont worry everything will be ok It does seem

scary but its going to be fine. Anything you are worried about

you only have to come on here and someone will help. Its very

reassuring knowing if you have a problem or are worried someone

will be here to put your mind at rest. Best thing I every did.

Good luck Shirley.

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Hi Karen.

I share your feelings if needing comfort.

I have AF for about 18 months , but this is the first time it has been persistent and I am so frightened. I was in Aand E on Wednesday and see my GP on Tuesday. I don't feel to be getting any help at all apart from Bisoprolol.

Sometimes I can't think how to cope with it at all.

I really hope things soon get sorted for you.

I'm sorry , this reply has not helped you , but you are not alone.

The people on here are just great.

Good luck.


Hi Karen. I remember how anxious and confused I was when I was in your position. 2 things stand out in your post. First, the machine to check what your heart is doing. This is a monitor, the size of a mobile phone. It has wires. ( 4 ) which stick to you. The only problem is that they're itchy but it won't be too bad as it's cooler now.

Secondly you mention 'surgical ablation.' Many people on this forum have had laser ablation which is correctly called pvi or pulmanory vein isolation. I had it 10 weeks ago. The lasers are inserted in the groin and are fed up into the heart. I had 3 tiny holes in the top of my leg which looked like 3 ear lobe piercings. No pain, no bruising and, I promise you, nothing to panic about.

I know that it's all frightening and stressful but being calm will help greatly.

Best wishes.


For the Holter monitor - if you can ask for the sensitive skin stickers. It helps if you have it on for 7 days. I also learned to take a very soothing cream with me when I take the stickers off and I immediately gently clean the area and apply the cream. Other than that the Holter just does it's job and you go on about your life... no big deal.

Hope things get sorted out for you soon, you are in good company here!


I use the juice from aloe vera leaves to take away the itch from hospital tape and the patches. It works wonders. I keep it growing in the yard and in a pot to insure it is available at all times. blessings to all, Shirley May

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