Travel insurance with AF (6 months post ablation and due to go for another in Aug 14)

Hi all, does anyone have any experience with travel insurance companies that will insure you for a reasonable price with AF? I am booked for two weeks to go to Croatia in July but unfortunately have been last minute booked for ablation in Aug 14. And underwent another ablation in Feb 14. Thanks

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  • I was able to get insurance on line with AllClear while I was waiting for my ablation, they were very reasonable

  • Thanks for your input. Insureandgo want to charge me nearly £200 for just 14 days....crazy

  • We paid £74, and that was for me waiting for the procedure, hypothyroidism and Meneires syndrome and Mike with hypotension and high cholesterol. We thought it was reasonable for two old wrecks!!!

  • That is a good price. How did you convince them? Most of the companies I have checked so far want around £150 - 200 for a family insurance with my heart condition including AllClear

  • Have you tried I took out an annual policy with them for Europe and it cost me £138 for a family of 5.

  • Thank you all for your contributions and advice. I went with holidaysafe in the end and it was only £60 for the annual family policy!

  • I have my travel insurance with Staysure. I have AF and am on Warfarin. I have taken out insurance for a trip to New Zealand inJanuary 2015 ,no problem getting it and it cost £102 approximately for one month.

  • Try Holiday Extras. They seemed very reasonable to me with AF. Had to also mention DVT and blood clot on the lung from 2 years ago.

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