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Travel insurance with AF (6 months post ablation and due to go for another in Aug 14)

Hi all, does anyone have any experience with travel insurance companies that will insure you for a reasonable price with AF? I am booked for two weeks to go to Croatia in July but unfortunately have been last minute booked for ablation in Aug 14. And underwent another ablation in Feb 14. Thanks

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I'm insured with 'holidaysafe', they were recommended by 'Which' as an good insurer for those with medical conditions.



World First specialise in those with chronic conditions, I insured multi-trip with them whilst awaiting a procedure and had no problems although I had to ring them as their website wouldn't quote but said to ring, world-first.co.uk They were by far the best cover whilst being the cheapest but their policy didn't cover stuff such as personal belongings etc but I wasn't concerned about that, I was much more concerned with ensuring that any medical costs were covered and they looked solid on that.

Happy holidaying,....


Thank you all for your contributions and advice. I went with holidaysafe in the end and it was only £60 for the annual family policy!


Hope that you made sure that you were covered for existing conditions - £60 seems cheap


I got insured with Staysure , as they cover pre existing conditions for twelve months cover as we have been away three times this year it makes for a better deal! Money's not everything you don't enjoy your trip without the peace of mind which can then make you anxious causing your symptoms to worsen .off again soon on a cruise that has medical facilities onboard if required .


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