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Where to now!

Finally got to see an EP in Sydney for a 2nd opinion regarding medication and ablation…my local Cardiologist had sent him my first results from 2half years ago which led to some surprising results from him, as these showed AF when induced., not SVT. He more or less told me in polite terms I am too old for an ablation I am 73yrs and recommended Flecinide and Bisoprol I am currently on Amiodarone 100mgs. I explained that I had both SVT and AF one with the fast irregular heart beat and one with fast regular heart beat., He told me that I couldn’t have both and also told me not to go too far into the technicalities of the condition, but that is exactly what I need to do, otherwise how will I know what it actually is.

On my return home I looked at three major hospital discharge notes and one mentioned SVT and another one Ventricular, with further notes on Atrial Tachyarrhythmia with Aberrency..I researched these with the Flecinide and discovered that it shouldn’t be used for Ventricular Hypertrophy.

I saw my local Cardiologist and asked him to explain why he didn’t send the current discharge notes and what do I really have- his explanation was that SVT was an umbrella and I have AF? He didn’t agree with the use of Flecinide, but suggested I reduce the Amiodarone to 50mgs per day.

The thing that really irks me is that if it was just SVT than an ablation might work as I wanted to get off Amiodarone now I have no other option but to keep on taking Amiodarone. I need to stress that my episodes have not been major for the last few months due to the Fodmap diet, and I just might end up not taking anything – Oh he did say I needed an event monitor – why do I need this when I record all of my events? I really could do with some expert advice here.

Sorry about the long post but have been trying to sort this out on my own and I’m not doing too well

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I had a 7 day ECG monitor fitted - it's the type that is switched on all the time - you don't have to trigger it. It showed 3 episodes, one of which lasted for36 hrs and I had not been aware of it. My EP had twice suggested that he thought that I might be having episodes that I was not aware of. This proved to be true and anyway, how do we know what's happening when we're asleep?

I would suggest that this is the type that you need as your record of events might not show the complete picture.


That makes sense jennydog, do I get this from the GP or hospital, I don't have another appointment with the Cardiologist for another 12 months, but it would clarify exactly what I do have. Thanks for replying


The Regional Heart Hospital asked our local hospital to supply it and then to send them the results. They run the data through their computer so need to be geared up.

The only problem with it is the sticky pads which hold the leads to your skin. Itchy awful.


PS it was called a loop monitor. I really fail to see how a 24hr monitor would pick up much. The 7 day one stands a far better chance.


Hi Ultramarine I am guessing you live in Oz like me. I have SVT and Afib and have had 2 ablations but I am a bit younger than you. I need a third one so until then I am on flecainide 100mg twice a day and Cardizem 360 mg slow release once a day. Your cardiologist should have booked you in for an event monitor to find out what is really going on, it is surprising what we don't notice as we get so used to the weird heart beats. As others have said the monitors range in time from 24 hour to 7 days. I have had the 24 hour one a few times and the 3 day one twice. Yuk no shower. I would be asking your GP to get clarification on why your local cardio seems a bit flippant about everything. Knowledge is power and you should have the power over your health care.


Thank you Someonesmother, it appears that the diagnosis from this latest EP was AF based on notes by my first EP (not the local hospital ones) and further explanation from my local Cardiologist was that the SVT is the mother (excuse the pun) and AF sets in at odd times. This would mean then that their is such a thing as SVT and AF, yet I was told by the EP in Sydney that you can't have both. I have never had a monitor for 3 days, but their again, it might not pick up anything as I only seem to have an episode every 10 weeks or so now, whereas I used to get one mostly every month but sometimes once a fortnight. I am glad I've taken this route of a Fodmap diet and other eliminations, at least there is an option open to me.

I will do as you suggest and talk to my GP but all I can say is that at the onset, this was treated just as flippently, or in other words there is no need for alarm about anything by my GP. But you can't tell another person not to feel that alarm, when you get confusing information, indeed if I had not analysed any of this myself, I would not have been diagnosed with IBS, and that took me forever to get that across. I must say I like this Cardiologist but he is young and I have a suspicion that I was one of his first patents with this condition.

As for the criteria of age, nothing was told to me about this 2half years ago. Maybe its 70yrs in Australia

Thank you both again


I think the age thing is an Australian thing. Over here UK, they have removed age from guidelines, and it seems to be down to general health



Age is becoming an US thing also. I've been wearing a 3 week monitor that is remotely monitored to see if Aflutter ablation slowed down my Afib. In the past I only knew of episodes once or twice a month but I was having ones that I didn't notice.



A big thanks to everyone I am slowly coming to terms with this, but just to let you know that my health is very good except for the IBS which has just recently been diagnosed and even now, am travelling exercising and doing my own work of Art at home. I am really glad that I am on the Fodmap diet now.

I don't think I want to challenge the medical fraternity for all of Australia as I had already decided if it was not too horrific I would try other alternatives...Next one is Osteopath this coming week


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