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Update About visit to consultant

The visit was a great relief as I wasn't looking forward to it at all. A very knowledgable nurse took my blood pressure with a stethoscope and arm band and got an accurate reading of145/60 which is brilliant for me in hospital surroundings. The cardiologist was pleasant and pleased he wanted me to try to come off the Flecanide but as I said I was frightened to he made no objection. My heart was in good shape so he's happy to let things rest and will see me again in six months or earlier if the need arises. A real transformation in attitude.

My GP is a great reader of people and really tried everything . Then gave me 2grms of diazepam to take each night and it's working really well at the moment. I also take Ibersartan for the blood pressure, eat loads of veg especially tomatoes and sweet peppers and grapes. We don't eat meat. So pleased to be able to talk on this forum and read other experiences. Thank you all. Terjo

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This sounds good! Well done. 60 diastolic could not be better, and yes, it does tend to be fickle in hospital.


Well done you.



Thank you both for your replies. I was in persistent AF for a year three years ago . I saw an EP in London who put me on Flecanide and said to have a cardioversion first which happened six months later after being on warfarin for six weeks before the procedure and six weeks after ( which I hated ) but it was worth it as it has worked for me. I've had three breakthroughs since then but all related to extra stressful situations. I feel very lucky. Keep well. Terjo


We love good news. Well done!


Thank you


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