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July not starting well

I know it’s off subject and hope you don’t mind

I had prostate cancer some years ago and was treated with radical radiotherapy and hormone implants. All had been well for years and my PSA was down to 0.03. the Oncologist decided to take me of the hormones about 18months ago. PSA crept up slowly and they hoped it would stop about 6.0 and were not concerned providing it was below 10.0. well it’s gone over 10.00.

Had 3 scans bone scan, CT scan plus another not sure what type. Now back on the hormones and waiting for results to see if it has moved to anywhere else.

Already having “hot flushes” at night and won’t be long no doubt before I get the urge to knit and do the dusting. What we men have to put up with!

It has put my AF into a different place though. Doesn’t seem as important anymore.

I did have a look on the prostate equivalent site. 1 post in Spanish 3 months old.

Like Cdreamer said this site must be one of the best.

Will know results in a couple of days, so just have to wait. "The joys of growing old"


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Hi there Ray-- join the club .I had radical prostatectomy three years ago,- four hours in surgery and took a few other bits an bobs out at the same time-. followed by 33 visits to radiotherapy and monthly zoladex implants. Last implant to be August but my PSA is less than 0.01 % i e undetectable. My oncologist said if PSA went over 4 they would start zoladex again. Know all about the hot flushes, and just run the vacuum round the house and furniture. (Bloody cats hairs). You have a friend here mate.



Really Sorry to hear that Ray, my husband is also in the club and hated the effects of the Zoladex, but it has helped him multitask .........

I have had several friends die from this horrible disease mainly because they left it too late before seeing their GP. So glad that it is treatable and that you will be well monitored and hopefully will not suffer a recurrence. Best wishes


So sorry to hear that Ray, but better on the stuff and keeping the situation under control I guess and if you really find yourself enjoying the dusting, I have a lot of cobwebs you can practise on :) . There are a lot of things that put AF in perspective, and this is one of them for sure - you just take care of yourself as best you can, and we will keep our fingers tightly crossed that all your results are good. Let us know how it goes...



Thank you all for replying. Tomorrow is the big day. I have my implant injected and hope to hear that it has not spread. I asked for a 3 month one but my GP prefers just to give the monthly one. he has agreed though to let me have up to 3 months supply to take with me sailing August, Sept and maybe Oct. DIY job so watch how the nurse does it or chicken out and get a nurse to do it wherever I am. I do know a South African whose wife is a nurse so probably the chicken route. Ray


Well, good luck tomorrow. My other half says he would not care to self administer implants. We had a winter of hot flushes and radiotherapy and so we sympathise with you. Everyone I have known with this problem has done extremely well with either surgery or radiotherapy or both and all are thriving. But the treatment isn't nice and as you say makes AF look a bit tame.


Good news. just heard there is no evidence of any spreading. The side effects I can put up with, just think of the alternative.

Wife real pleased, a pile of ironing already. keep telling her that it may take years to kick in this time.

Thanks for letting me rabbit on about this but it does make it easier.



Excellent! Congratulations.


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