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How worried/afraid should I be since I have been forced to abruptly stop Xarelto through no fault of my own?

I can't tolerate warfarin so my hematologist gave me Xarelto because I have a long history of PE's, DVT, had a minor stroke and P-AFIB & of course told me it could be dangerous if I stop it abruptly.

I live in the middle of no where in the desert, so when my car over heated 4 days ago, the next morning I did a web search & found a mobile auto repair. He said he would be there in 1 1/2 hour @ 9:30 am but he was 2+ hours late. He diagnosed my car and said I needed a fan clutch, he could get it @ 1:20 & be back @ 2:30. None of that happen until hours later. The next morning I left to get my labs drawn & go to Luke Air Force Base (2 1/2 hour drive) to get my prescriptions but my car over heated again 6 miles from my home. Once home I called the mechanic and he said he will be at my house in 1 1/2 hour...that was 2 days ago & he is still a no call and no show & doesn't pick up my calls even though he KNEW I need to go get my prescriptions and blood drawn on day one.

Even though yesterday I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau & The Attorney General Office I have to admit I am really afraid what can happen to me since I haven't had a dose since yesterday.

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This isn't a happy situation for you, but anticoagulation doesn't treat something that exists - it makes us better able to deal with something that may occur because AF puts us at risk. My grandmother had a little embroidered motto on her wall "Don't worry - it may never happen" - and perhaps this is appropriate. You might be just fine even though you don't have your medication. I do hope this is so.


Rellim is right, except I'd replace the word "might" in "you might be just fine" with the words "almost certainly will". There have been times since I started on anticoagulants in 2009 when I've had to go a day or two without them for one reason or another and I've been fine - I fully understand your concern though

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Yes, I agree! I was uncoagulated and unaspirined for a long time.


Try not to worry too much, as everyone is saying, your chances are good - but I'd definitely get a new mechanic...


Hi I am also on riveroxaban (Xarelto) and have missed a dose not good practice but the important thing is to take again asap. back on your normal dose ,good luck with your car and don't worry about missed dose Hazel


I was told that you are ok for a week the medication in your body just doesn't go away that quick karen


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