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CBD oil for skipped beat or anxiety. Had anyone tried it?


I'be beed doing lots of research online as to what triggers skipped beats. It seem that many reports indicate that people who supper from stress and or anxiety seem to experience more skipped beats.

I've also read that CBD oil also known as charlottes web works wonders for people who experience anxiety and also chronic pain which I seem to have. I would like to hear from anyone who has tried it as I am curious to know if it would help me.


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Yes I tried 5% cbd oil which is the strongest available in the UK . This was for osteoarthritis in knee. At the very beginning I did feel it was helping but eventually decided it was just wishful thinking and pain just as bad! Nevertheless I would still give it a go. I see you are in Canada...maybe able to get a stronger oil there ?

I tried CBD oil but was flung into Afib after a few hours of taking it so its not for me. I believe it opens blood vessels or something but it definitely flipped me into Afib. I wanted to use it for osteoarthritis pain.

If you are in Canada you should have access to combination of CBC and THC. I have been using edibles, oil, and smokables for years for chronic pain. I also have afib and it does not seem to trigger attacks. I am on Tikosyn (dofetilide) which has kept me in NSR for over a year. Curious, Is it available in Canada. Apparently it is not in the UK and Europe. The drugs used seem to have more side effects and are less efficacious. Thanks, Ethereal

I'm 49 & was diagnosed with PAF after x2 TIA's in early March 18. As a result of tests I'm also having investigations for Cerebral Atrophy & Low Testosterone as well as awaiting referral to consider Ablation. On discharge from hospital I have also suffered several severe Gout episodes & had chronic fatigue almost immediately that has rendered me virtually useless. GP has tried different combos of drugs to combat the fatigue & gout, the latter finally appearing to have eased up. I started using CBD oil about 3 months ago as I was in agony with Gout & getting quite stressed with everything else going on, not just medically but also still off work & stressing about pay/ the future etc. The affect was fairly instant in that pain relief was amazing & still is & I felt like a weight had been lifted anxiety wise. Haven't noticed any difference with AF as I'm in & out constantly but feeling better able to deal with everything that's been thrown. It's maybe not for everyone but I'd say give it a try.

I take 2.75% CBD from Holland and Barratt. (UK herbal stuff store.)

I take three drops under my tongue two or three times a day.

I've only been doing this for just over a week so can't say what the long-term effects will be.

I take it for sciatica and arthritis and it definitely works to relieve the pain.

I am the sole carer for my wife who has dementia so my stress levels are sometimes quite high and the CBD helps with this too. This was an unexpected but welcome extra.


I have been using CBD oil 5 per cent from holland and barrett for my osteoarthritis and I think it reduced my episodes of AF. They went down from 3 - 4 a week to 2 a week. Just run out and getting more AF so going to get some more and keep taking it. I was taking it three times a day.

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