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What medication am I likely to be put on?

Can anyone help me please. I am completing a PIP form and one of the questions is what medication am I on or will be taking?

I know what I am on (bisroplol) but how am I to know what I'll be taking? I am going to have an ablation so I guess Walfarin but what else am I likely to be one?

I have lung disease which they are currently looking into the cause of. Between that and my AF I am having a lot of breathing difficulties which is why I am applying. It would be a godsend to get mobility and I could actually take my eldest for his first year of school rather then school organising something, as is what is going to happen at present.

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Hi Battymumma

I doubt that any of us could really second guess what the doctors are going to say, with other challenges as well, there is a whole raft of treatments they could choose, but I agree with you that some form of anti-coagulant is likely.

Is there a way you can submit the form and then update it later when you have seen the specialists?

Be well



From what I understand that once the form is submitted it is all that is on that at the date that they will take into consideration. I claimed ESA and was told that the extra evidence I sent from my consultants had to be before my claim date. Anything after that would not be considered unless a new claim was made? Fortunately it was so I was able to use it in my Appeal.

You do not mention what lung condition you have? I have RLD due to fibrosis, PAH and Paralysed Diaphragm as well as AF, Tachycardia and Arthritis. I am now in the position that 20 meter walk is becoming a problem so I may go through the PIP route myself.

Good Luck


I don't know yet the consultant seamed a bit mystified when I saw him last. He seamed to think it was alpha1 but the test said I was ok for that. Just waiting for a CT scan and then if that is inclusive a test seeing how my heart and lungs work together. But that'll be after my Ablation. They know my lungs are damaged, but thats it so far, not the why.


Hi Battymumma

It is taking quite a long time for PIP assessments to go through so it will be a while before you have an appointment but if you dont hear from them keep ringing DWP, they can push decisions forward if you insist! In the meantime you could ask your cardiologist to write a report on your health as PIP will ask for that anyway & you could get one step ahead of them. Good luck.


All the above is excellent advice. As you will be aware many of us have our medications changed - I have been on 4 different beta blockers in an effort to find the best one.

Your Cardiologist will report but meantime I would give an answer that covers all eventualities.

Beta Blocker ( currently Bisoprolol)

Anticoagulant ( eg Warfarin)

Good luck with your application.


Thank you all!


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