New medication that I am afraid to take

The doctor just returned my call and told me he is calling in a medication he wants me to try. He said it is a medication they do not usually give to patients with a Stent but in my case the feel they need to. I don't have the medication yet so probably shouldn't even be making this post but I am already so nervouus about taking something that is apparently a risk. I keep having these awful PAC's or whatever they are called. They are lasting for many hours with only an hour or two of "off" time. I just had ablation one week ago. Anyone know of what med this could be or anyone with a Stent and afib?

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  • Worry when you know what is proposed. There is no point guessing right now. It could be just about anything or nothing.

  • Hi BobD. The new medication is Flecainide. I only worry because Dr. Said "We don't like to give this medication to patients with heart disease and stents." He also wants me to go see my heart doctor here within 4 days for EKG to be faxed to him. I guess I worry too much. Trying my best not too but the stress of this over the past 3 years has been overwhelming as I'm sure you know quite well about all that.

  • OK Yes. Flecainide can be a problem if the cardiac arteries are restricted. Here in UK is is generally started in a controlled environment ( i e in hospital) for a couple of days if there is concern . Most people do not have this issue and take it well although a few do have other side effects.

  • A lot of members on the forum take Flecainide. For me it has been the most efficient form of medication ever and I'm sure others will agree. It's quite normal to have an ECG after starting this pill. Hope it helps you. Jean

  • I empathise with you but have come to the realisation that all drugs can have a detrimental effect but that it is a necessary evil in order to offset whatever ails us, like many of us I take a few and worry about the effects on my liver, kidneys and so on but for me and a lot of us its hobsons choice, better with them than without.

  • Hi Dixiegurl, this is not medical advice just my own experience of your question. I have had 2 stents for over 15 years. I was put on Flecanide some years ago by a cardiologist had no problems, taken off them when I went to see an EP this year before ablation as he said I should never here been prescribed them because of my coronary heart problem.No I'll effect to me but I didn't know I should not take them, and obviously a different opinion between a cardiologist and EP,so I think you should just tactfully question all opinions and reasons before making any decisions either way.

  • I react badly to most medication and dread any change but I have been taking Flecainide daily for 10years and it suits me so I am sure you will be fine. jo

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