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what should i put up with

Hi everyone,well so far so good today i feel normal ,after talking to this forum,its made me question even more,i really do feel like im going mad,i want to explain my symptoms,to get an idea of what i have to put up,i use to get AF about 2 hours after a meal,so i felt somewhat in control,but now sometimes i get it as soon as i get up,heart shaking about for hours,feels like a rasby vibration,horrible,i am trying to work out if others get that,the rate doesnt go high,because of betablockers i guess,but still very uncomfortable,also when i get this feeling i cant ever imagine feeling ok,its as if iv always had it,because we are dealing with the heart,adrenaline,does it go hand in hand to feel nervous,or is it me in a panic,can anyone identify with that.because if i thought i was added to it with panic,i would try a bit more control.

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I think some people have found mediation to help as you are right to say if you panic it makes things worse.

Try to keep in mind that AF is not normally life threatening and take deep breaths and try (difficult I know ) to relax.


If your ticker isn't working 100%, that is bound to lead to anxiety. It's totally natural. But to me, just knowing this helps tremendously. I've proven that my mind was affecting my arrhythmia because on two occasions I've had a bad "shaking" heart, and took a tranquilizer which my GP gave me for very limited use. It worked both times and my arrhythmia reduced from a scary shaking, to just the "normal" bit of a wobble. Funnily enough, now I've sort of proved it to myself, I don't seem to get the problem, so don't need the pills.

I also get the wobbles after eating. So have stopped eating full meals, just graze instead through the day, and just have very small meals (child portions). Seems to work except when we have something I really like, then I eat too much and regret it afterwards !!

So can't speak for others, but with me, anxiety used to contribute hugely to my problems, but not any more. So yes, I'd go for whatever works for you, meditation, pills, natural potions, but most important of all is just understanding that it is a factor, that's the biggest step forward I think. As Bob and others say, knowledge is power, which is so true.



thanks thats makes me feel better,


It can be a vicious circle. Heart bumps make you anxious. Anxiety makes the feelings worse. I am trying to meditate every day. I also have one or two calm places "glued" in my head. Concentrate on a calm happy situation you've experienced (do this when you are NOT very anxious), then while the pic is strong in your mind carry out a physical action you don't usually do, like tapping your face or shoulder. After a bit of practice you will be able to carry out the physical action when anxious and the calm experience will jump into your mind.


thankyou, sounds good,i will try that.


Hi, I have another suggestion, hope you don't find it silly or insulting. You could try taking up a hobby that takes your mind off your symptoms. It needs to be something rhythmic like knitting or crochet, or else a social game on FB such as Farmville on your PC or similar on a tablet (many of those who play a lot are disabled or ill in some way, wonderful distraction playing Angry Birds at 3 in the morning waiting for the painkillers to kick in, I can tell you!) Or just a game demanding concentration like Spider. Point is, knitting is soothing and games demand concentration but hopefully not enough to stress you....that said I have seen some very bad language when someone has taken the last tree without 'liking' :)

Much as many people try by avoiding nice or nasty things you cannot control Afib, so what you have to control is your attitude, do not let it bully you!

Best wishes, Julia


You are correct, it is chemical. The body produces adrenaline, which makes you anxious. You sense it and contribute to the cycle by worrying because the body has a bio feedback loop which connects mind and body. The fight, flight freeze mechanism in operation is controlled by the so called reptilian part of our brain which bypasses the cortex, the cognitive part of our brain, where thoughts are generated but what happens is that when triggered, we sense the chemicals in our system and then the cortex generates thoughts like, what's happening, why am I on high alert, help I don't know what to do etc... Etc. once you u destined the mechanism and know that you can also use a positive bio-feedback by focussing on breathing, taking long, steady breaths and breath out for longer than you breath in, 7/11 breathing count to 7 breathing in, hold 1 second and 11 breathing out, repeat for 3-6 times - things will start to slow down. That's how and why relaxation, meditation, hypnosis, CBT etc, etc work. Not forever, they won't stop AF but they will help you to feel more in control, less anxious and therefor better able to cope and sometimes lessen the severity and/or frequency,

Please read understand for u destined!

Stay well in mind and you will help support the body, best wishes CD


what a fantastic response,yes i just need to understand,thankyou so much


This is a late response, but that is such a good post CD.


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