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Hi - does anyone know if it possible to buy flecainide over the counter? I am going abroad for 6 months, and my gp' s practice say I can only have a prescription for 2 months, and after that I should register with a doctor where I will be staying. I have no objection to paying for this medication, but I will be living in a small African country where it's almost impossible to get aspirin even!!!!

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  • No this is prescription only.


  • It's obtainable without prescription in France - does anyone know of anywhere else please.

  • Maybe. I can't imagine anyone taking Flacainide paying over the counter. How can you know.? It's serious stuff.....

  • Thanks - I know it's serious stuff, and I already take it on prescription. However, I shall be out of the UK for more than 6 months, and I can only get prescription for 2 months!

  • I know. I read that. I was just saying... You might contact the embassy of the place you're going to for a list of docs or pharmacies who keep a stock, if you can't find a retail outlet.

    Be well.

  • Does anyone know if it's possible to get flecanide which is smooth coated? The tiny tablets stick to the roof of your mouth and are difficult to swallow. And the taste of them rivals warfarin in awfulness. I can swallow huge vitamin and fish liver tablets with ease too.

  • Look forward to a reply to this - it's a bitter pill.

  • Try going back to your GP and asking for a private prescription. I have done that before now for same sort of reason and my GP has been happy to oblige. I think I had to pay for the appt as well. Or try going to a private GP?

    I have been prescribed 3 months supply, no probs on NHS, I've never asked for more though.

  • Thanks CDreamer - I will certainly do this! I used to be able to get 3 month's supply, but earlier this year I was told that the rules had changed to 2. Either way, it's not enough for me, so the private route it is.

  • I would have thought there should be exceptions when you are going to be abroad for 6 months- can you ask your CCG about this?

  • You're not emigrating and therefore I would have thought your GP still has a duty of care. I'm sure it must be possible to 'flex' the rules in such unusual circumstances. I do know of a narrow boater, who went off to France for an extended cruising holiday several years ago and he was given 6 months worth of his prescription drugs before he left.

  • Playing devils advocate here, if you are not in this country you are not able to be treated by NHS so why would they fund your care? My sister lives most of the time in France but doesn't expect NHS to look after her. There has to be a limit after all and six months is hardly a normal holiday. Private route it is then.


  • I entirely agree with you Bob - I'm not seeking to break the rules, nor avoid paying for my medication ( although I am working for UK company and pay my taxes there!) I was simply asking if anyone knew where I could BUY Flecainide. And I don't think I mentioned going on holiday?

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