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Can some one please explain to me what a CHAD score is ? Also a TIA ? and info on Warfarin Dosages?

Im confused about people on here talking about their dosages as if they only have one?? My own vary every day set by the clinic on my latest blood test? For example my current dose for this week is 5 tablets (1mg each one )on Sunday and Thursday and 4 tablets on the other days and go back for blood test next wednesday and that was with my latest reading of 1.9.

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Hi Hondajazz

No we are all like you our dosages vary with our INR scores, but many of us are now stable on warfarin, so the dose does not change very much.

CHADS2VACS is a risk calculator for people with A Fib for the risk of stroke, anything from 1 upwards and you should be on warfarin (or similar) and many argue (like me) that you should be anti-coagulated even with a zero score. Google it and test yourself.

TIA is Transient Ischaemic Attack, and it's a "mini-stroke" the blood supply is cut off to usually the brain, but not for a long time, so it's not a full stroke, but they can be dangerous.

By the way warfarin dosage is irrelevant, it's the INR that counts, to get to 2.5 some need 3mg a day, and others need 14 mg, it doesn't matter only the INR matters.

Hope this helps



Thanks so much Ian for your reply. Its explained a lot . I have to presume that my Chad score must have been high enough to be on Warfarin but no one ever told me what it was .I Have been pretty stable for a while now on my dosages and it has really only had to be altered when I have been ill , on antibiotics or something like that but for the last 4 weeks its has fallen low for no obvious reason and the clinic have only changed one or two days doses and it is still down at 1.8 so I am going to ask them why they are taking so long this time to bring it back up ? I try not to worry but it is always there in the back of your mind that you could have a stroke. Thanks once again.


I have a score of zero and I'm quite sure my EP would consider it crazy not to be on anti-coags; he put me on them. I think CHADS is a system for telling you that you need to be anti-coagulated too late. i.e. you could have a score of zero so not recommended to be on anti-coags, but if you then get a TIA or stroke, then of course your score goes up and you qualify, great !!! Best to decide before you have a problem, hopefully. Just my (non-medical) opinion.


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And be aware that you can have a CHADS score of zero (low risk) but if you have a different heart-related risk, they may want you on anti-coagulation anyway. This is annoying position that I find myself in.


Thats most probably why I am on warfarin as well as I have had two coronary Artery Bi passes in the past before AF was diagnosed a couple of years ago. I haven't had another Af episode and have stayed pretty settled on my warfarin dose except when there are outside influences such as antibiotics etc.


Hi, Hondajazz. Warfarin doses (and please correct me if I am wrong) seem to be weekly averages over a 7 day cycle. Thus 8.3mg is 8 8 8 9 8 8 9 followed by 8 8 8 9 8 8 9 again. It's not an even dose over a longer period of time, it just sticks to seven days and repeats, just as your 4 4 4 5 4 4 5 dose does. It is probably 4.3. I'm guessing!

Do you only have brown tablets? There are also 3mg blue ones and 5mg pink ones available. And the 8.3 dose above is a pink and a blue each day with a brown as well two days a week. Or 3 blues two days a week.

The important thing is the INR, as Ian says.




You can work out your own CHADS2VASC score - there's information on the AFA website, if that would help :)



Cheers :)


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