What foods can eaten while on Warfrin/Coumadin while also a diabetic??

I am glad I found this group!!! I just got diagnosed with AFIB. I am asymptomatic so I do not know anything is happening or feel any problems with my heart. My doctor just found it when she was doing a routine checkup. A few tests later, it was AFIB. I also have high blood pressure and and take pills for diabeties to keep the blood sugar down. I am 61.

My Cardiologist has been great in explaining things and letting me consider whether I want to take warfrin or Pradaxa. I have, in the past few months, just got used to a diet eating the right foods for diabeties, have been doing great and lost about 10 pounds. So going to Warfrin...I am not sure what I will be able to eat since the good food for diabetics is NOT good for warfrin. Also, I initially didn't want warfrin because I have such a hard time with my viens and giving blood. Recently found out they can do the finger prick at the clinic so that seems doable!! So has anyone had experiences with food while being diabetic and taking warfrin.

Also, any thoughts on Pradaxa would also be appreciated. What I have read seems scary since there is no anecdote.

Have lots more questions but will stop for now. Thanks.


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  • Hi Barbm and welcome

    OK the first answer to what food can you eat on warfarin, is anything you like, there are no restrictions on your diet only to avoid cranberry juice, but don't change your diet suddenly, keep it at whatever it is now and you will be fine.

    Pradaxa is quite popular as you say no immediate antidote (yet) but it's got a very short half life of about 12 hours so it comes out of the body quickly, and of course no blood tests

    Welcome to the group and ask away we are here to help


  • Thanks for your answer Beancounter, but that seems contradictory to everything I read....that you are supposed to avoid all greens and a whole list of other food, and most vegetables, and most fruits, cranberries, cranberry juice, grapefruit, and on and on. Hope I can get this figured out soon.

  • Barb

    You do not need to avoid anything at all execpt cranberry juice, certainly not green vegetables or fruits, and not even grapefruit. As someone has said yes Dark Green Veggies contain Vitamin K which will negate the effect of the warfarin, but that does NOT stop you eating them, simply to be consistent with eating them, if you always eat Kale or Spinach keep eating it and your warfarin dose will simply be adjusted to take the Vit K into account,

    I'm not sure what you are reading for the advice on diet, but I suggest whomsoever wrote it has never been on warfarin.

    Eat what you are eating now including veggies and fruit, don't change anything and steer clear of cranberries that's it.

    Be well


  • Hi, Barbm, welcome. It's my feeling that warfarin's a minefield but when I asked how many people found it a serious challenge the replies were overwhelmingly in its favour. I have not enjoyed the time I've been on it and have found it hard to keep my diet consistent and varied and have tended to eat the same things all the time.

    I have to say that in the last four weeks, when I have had an INRs of between 2.2 and 2.7, there has been a huge sense of security. For months beforehand I struggled to get my INR up as far as 2, even though I was ridiculously strict on the intake of greens. I had initially feared side effects of warfarin - which haven't materialised. The side effects of the newer alternatives are unknown, while warfarin has been around for a very long time.

    Nevertheless, now that I have had an ablation, I have made an appointment with my GP to discuss Apixaban which, like Praxada, has no antidote. I feel it is the way I would prefer to go, although it is scary and I may have to abandon my potato peeler which has a fondness for various places on my hand.

  • Hi Barb, if you have the yellow book from the doctor with the list of foods that are high in Vit K you will see that most of them you can eat 'three cupfuls' and I don't know about you but three cupfuls of some of the dark green veg is more than enough for me! The key as Ian says is consistency, don't make drastic changes to your diet and in any case veggies and fruit are good for you so don't give them up... Just don't have cranberries, seems to be the advice, and stick to the diet you're on. I'm on warfarin and I've given up worrying, just eating what I normally do and it seems to be working. I have had to give up the knife-throwing act, but the audience is actually very grateful!


  • Thanks for all your input. It feels good to know I can come here to get some answers and see how others feel. Probably will make this journey easier. Just nervous to start any medication since I feel good and at this point don't feel the symptoms of AF (which I realize I am lucky). The Metoprolol has slowed the heart beat so we will see.


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