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How low is it safe for blood pressure to go

Yesterday morning was a really bad time. I was very breathless and felt I was going to faint. Struggled from Bathroom to armchair several times holding on to the wall. Out of curiosity I took my blood pressure and it was 89/43 with heart beat of 48.

By afternoon I felt a bit better but am still more breathless than usual. My query is - how low can blood pressure go and is there anything anyone can recommend for s.o.b.

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Hi, your BP does sound a bit low and is probably what is causing your symptoms. I would call your GP's surgery this morning and ask for advice. Meanwhile, drinking plenty of water can bring your BP up a bit.

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Yes that is bradycardia or slow heart beat and your BP sounds rather low to me. Do speak to your GP and as jean says drink plenty of water..




Its not difficult to understand how you must have felt, you must have only been fit to lay in bed, get yourself to a GP asap, or if your in Af ,stay in bed get some help on the phone either dial 999 or 111 and ask for advice .......good luck


Hi Enjoy I have always had hypotension, low blood pressure so that sounds quite normal for me but if it is out of your norm it is indicating something. Your bradycardia may have caused

drop in pressure or the reverse so needs investigation. hydration is essential but I hope you took Bob's advice and went to see your GP.


Before my AF returned a couple of weeks ago my pulse rate was around 50 or a little

lower for around a year. I'm on beta blockers and this was considered to be OK and I was able to exercise normally. I believe low blood pressure is considered to be less than 90/60.


Hi so sorry to Hear that ,I came off bisoprolol..because I felt so weak are faint , and my rate was 52. , the blood pressure is the but most worrying. Go see Gp to be sure. All the best Lynn x


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