Is anybody else taking this medication along with thyroxine for an under active thyroid. I went to see my ep on Monday and he prescribed these tablets and told me he is giving me 12 mth to lose a lot of weight so I can have ablation, but as amiodarone affects thyroid I wondered if any one has any experience of it interfering with weight loss, any help would be welcome.

Thank you

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  • Hi Julia - I take amiodarone and it has caused me to have an underactive thyroid. At the moment I am borderline, monitored every month and don't as yet take any medication. It will be interesting to see what response you get to your question. So far I have never had any problem with my weight while taking amiodarone.

  • Thank you, I'm on thyroxine and have been for 15 yrs and weight seems to go on so easy but it's damned hard work getting it off and I just wondered how this medication might affect my weight .

  • I am on low dose amiodoryn and small dose thyroxine and have checks every 6 months

  • I'd be more worried about the Amiodarone than the Thyroxine. I am on total thyroid replacement which works well but had to come off Amiodarone's highly toxic and can cause long-term problems, particularly for the lungs and eyes. It seems to be used by my cardios as a last resort!

  • I'm only using it or 12 mths I can have another cardioversion in 4/6 weeks then I have to lose weight to be able to have an ablation in 12 mths.

  • Hi Julia .... I have in the past used amiodarone with levothyroxine and no problems with weight gain at the time. If you have an under active thyroid and are taking thyroid replacement your weight gaining tendency should have been resolved. Having said that, I know how difficult it is to lose weight and if you are on beta blockers that really does slow down the metabolism. Have you looked at the Weight Loss part of health unlocked..... that could give you some support.

    All the best. Sandra

  • I am on Amiodarone and thyroxine and find it almost impossible to lose weight

  • I have been on Amiodarone for the last 6days and it scares the hell out of me.I have told my EP that i will only go on it for 6-8 weeks whilst my hearts healing and hopefully beats abit slower.I will then hope that the 10mg Bisoprolol will be enough until my 2nd Ablation.

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