should i go to a and e ?

hi all . still getting these weird ectopics . its like a missed heart beat and its hard to breath . i was getting this before my ablation 3 weeks ago . it was ok for a week after but then it started again . there are a few other things to take into account aswell . my inr is still out of range . and im only on a small dose of bisoprolol 1.25 . so i think thats not working either . oh yes and i do know it takes 3 months for the scars to form . think i should phone arithmia helpline first ?..thanks for your replies...... moggy

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  • I am no expert but I had lots of odd arrhythmias after my ablation and they went on for about two months. I didn't go to a&e and all was fine. I was off bisop and all meds except warfarin. I am now 3+ months post ablation and all has settled down. Having said that, if you are worried why not call EPs secretary or whatever help line is available to you. Hope it all goes well for you and that you are AF free soon.

  • Hi Moggdog - Yes, I think you should phone your AF nurse and ask for advice, but be aware you may have to wait a while to see them whereas if you go to A+E you will be seen very quickly. It must be awful for you to find it hard to breathe when you have these weird ectopics. I would certainly want to talk to someone for advice pretty quick. Hope you soon feel better.


  • thank you jean.

  • I had my first ablation 4th Dec and since then I have spoken to the arrhythmia nurses at the hospital a number of times. They have spoken to my EP and changed my tablets twice as well as putting me on the waiting list for a second ablation, therefore almost queue jumping before I've even had my 3 month check up (for which I still haven't got a date even though it should be in a fortnight's time!!). However the AF still keeps returning with frequent attacks of bradycardia so I am very glad I am already on that waiting list.

    Therefore I suggest that you do speak to your arrhythmia nurse. Good luck.

  • hi . well thats quick ? where you from ? in bristol its nine months waiting list. oh thanks for reply

  • It's my 3 month check up after the ablation that's due in 2 weeks time. The waiting list for cryo-ablation is 4-5 months (I'm about 2 months into that) but for the RF ablation the waiting list is 8-9 months. This is at the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford.

  • oh ok shas .sorry

  • The ectopics are usual after ablation. Its the breathing which might not be right. Go to a & e if you feel you need to. And do what is suggested about contacting af nurse. That's what they're there for.

  • ta pip . ive done that .so now im waiting on a holter monitor . and as we know they cure all arithmias while your wearing one

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