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Anyone have a Phrenic Nerve Injury after Catheter Ablation ?

I had mine on September 12th 2017 and I am still having shortness of breath. I don't know if I have been out of A Fib since about 2 days after it being done. I only think that way because when I take my blood pressure my monitor I use says there is an irregularity. I have not gone back to see my EC since I am suppose to go Oct. 18 th and my nurse said It can do strange things for the first 3 month. Still have the shortness of breath just like before the ablation which is a side effect of the PNI. Feeling pretty depressed. Thanks for your in put.

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So sorry you are feeling down.. perhaps you should go ahead and call your Dr. and let them know your symptoms. I'm sure they would want to know about your concerns. Wishing well


I suggest you see your doctor to find out if you are in AFib, as the hospital may want to do something about that. If you are, you can phone your EP and tell them - and see what response you get.


If you can afford it you could purchase a kardia machine (approx £100) which does a type of mini ECG and tells you if you are having AF episodes. I had a lot of bumps and odd stuff for 5 months after ablation. However it settled down and i am free of AF for almost 4 years. So try to stay positive.

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That is good to hear.I am sure praying for mine to settle and to be able to get my full lung capacity. If I could get that back it would be fantastic.



I have phrenic nerve injury since my cryo ablation in early August. I wouldn't wish it on anyone as it severely affects my quality of life. Also complications in the lung, a blood clot and pneumonia, which thankfully have now been dealt with but still struggle with everyday living and haven't felt well since the procedure.

Nobody can put a time limit on how long it will take to heal or indeed if it actually will. I take hope from statistics that 80% of phrenic nerve injury will heal itself in time and average time is 1 year. Frustratingly my Afib is no better and I still get the episodes every 8 days lasting 2 days each time.


Surreyhunni I was one and I also feel the way you do. My quality of life is not any better. My AF is no better either. I see my EP on the 18th and hope to get some better advice.Good luck to you Surreyhunni.


Hi Jessie

Firstly good luck on the 18th. I don't actually have my follow up appointment for the ablation until the 4th Dec. Due to being admitted to A&E for the breathing problems etc. is where I got the official diagnosis of phrenic nerve injury. I shall be interested to hear how you get on.

Coincidentally on my ct scan for the pni it showed a mass on my kidney and I had a subsequent ct scan on my abdomen/pelvis. I go to see the Dr on 17th for the result. Now I don't know if this is something sinister but I do know that ever since I woke up from the ablation I have had a pain in my right side that wasn't there before.

I can only speculate until I get the results but I am wondering if it may be a cyst caused by the ablation? Clutching at straws really as I don't want to contemplate it being a cancer.


Oh Surreyhunni I am so sorry to hear about the mass on your kidney. I will have you in my prayers. I have not had any pain since my ablation so can't help you there. Sure understand the breathing problems. I will be waiting to hear how your visit goes.


Not good news. The tumour is very large and I need to have my kidney removed. Two lymph nodes also possibly affected.

The phrenic nerve injury means I may not be able to have the surgery though. I have to have heart and lung tests to determine the risk but have been warned it may mean the tumour cannot be removed.

A double edge sword as if I didn't have the pni then the tumour wouldn't have been revealed until too late but the pni is what may stop me having the surgery to give me the best chance of survival.

I now have to wait to have the tests, see several drs ie cardiologist, specialist anaesthetist .. and once all the results are in I am to have another meeting to determine the next step. All this could take weeks and meanwhile I am so stressed with the unknown.


Sorry I have not gotten back to you. Have not been on the site. Well dang it this is not what you want to hear. I hope they can figure out a way to do your surgery. I am still dealing with the shortness of breath and now am having a fit with my sinus allergies and it makes it worse when you already have shortness of breath. My medications for my breathing is just about to kill me and my budget. I am in the doughnut hole and that makes my scripts all that much higher. So I have ordered them from a Canada Pharmacy. Not the same as what I was getting here in the US, but if I didn't have them I would really be in trouble. Surreyhunni I should not be complaining when you are dealing with your situation. Keeping you in my prayers.


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