I went to see Associate Specialist at the hospital yesterday. I have had AF for nearly 4 years. I was put on Flecanide about 16 months ago

but the irregular hearbeat has been getting worse. I have had 4 episodes in 8 days ranging from 8 to 17hours. The Doctor is putting me on Dronedranone 400mg twice a day, and taking me off Flecainide and Bisoprolol. I have not yet got the tablets but reading about them has me a bit scared. I can only get the tablets from the hospital as it is a specialised drug (2nd line) and it requires close monitoring. Does anyone have any experience of taking this drug and how that got on with them?. Many thanks in advance.

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  • I was on dronedaron for about four years and collected them from my chemist yes you are monitered every three months at first to check your liver function then six monthly then whenever. I was ok on it but still got episodes

  • Hi kazzyr, was there much reduction in amount of times you had af and the duration. Do you have any side effects?

  • No side affects but did have some af attacks small ones for a few minutes most days, bad long lasting attacks very rarely.

  • I was on Dronedarone tablets before my ablation with no side effects and was able to obtain repeat prescriptions from my GP and the tablets from Boots. Unfortunately the medication didn't work for me but hopefully, it will for you. Good luck!

  • I was on dronedarone for 5 months last summer. No changes on liver lab, neither other side efects. However it didn't diminish my load of paf (2 af of 12h/week). The interval between paf was first 2 weeks but then 3-4 times in one week, 1-2 weeks rest and again 3 times per week. So my dr considered it not worthwhile thinking the risk of serious side effects. Now on propafenone and af free for more than 5 mo.

  • I was put on Dronedarone straight after a Dc cardioversion about 2 years ago. ( Prior to that I was experiencing a very bad bout of AF, A/flutter & Atrial Tachycardia, was quite incapacitated as other drugs were ineffective ). I was only on this drug for 3months & had no further attacks during that time & no significant side effects.I do recall that I had to stop taking my statin Simvastatin during that time.

    Yes, it is quite scary reading all the info on the drug & if you're anything like me I just want to know as much as possible.

    My GP's surgery would not take responsibility for onward prescribing of the drug & so I had to go back to the hospital each month to pick up the new script left by the cardio. Blood tests for liver function were performed monthly.

    Dronedarone, as you probably know is similar in structure to Amiodarone ( cardiac Domestos!! ) but without the iodine atoms, so at least you shouldn't get thyroid problems.Unfortunately, it appears that Dronedarone has not fulfilled its promise as the ' new wonder drug for AF ' but is obviously working for some.

    I wish you well with it . Think positive !


  • Thank you all for your helpful comments. I am not so scared as I was a few days ago. Thank you again.

  • After all the worry about taking Dronedranone I have decided not to take any until after I find out about the lump which i found in my breast on Sunday. I have an appointment at The Marsden on Monday, they looked after me very well when I had breast cancer 3 years ago. I am trying to keep things in the day. I had my worst bout of AF on Monday 33 hours, I thought it would never end. I will wait for results and then see.

  • Hi Pounding 2. It is a really bad time for you and trust all will be well with your Marsden appointment. Hope you can keep positive and get some peace while at the seaside. 33 hours AF is hardly surprising given your tough time. Will be thinking of you on Monday and wish you well. Take care. Dee.

  • What a worrying and difficult time for you, Pounding2. It never rains but it pours. Hope the 33 hours was a one off and it might settle a bit now. Very stressful, waiting for results, and tempting to think the worst. Do hope all will go well for you at The Marsden.

  • Thank you Rellim296, you got it in one. I am at the seaside until Sunday, nice and peaceful, plus a little sunshine.

  • Bless you Pounding 2. Thinking good thoughts for you for Monday. Take care. Dee.

  • Thank you Meadfoot. So kind. I had some good news last night, a close friend is flying over from Ireland to support me. He has brought the trip forward a few weeks. Ahhhhh that's kind too.

  • More good news Dee, the lump is ok, they didn't even have to take a biopsy. Saw Consultant, had Mammogram and Ultrasound and was told that there was not a problem. Wonderful. I also started the Multaq a few days ago. So far so good.

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