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First EP apt and PVI Ablation booked

Well what a relief to meet a doctor who understood my problems PAF , Flutter & heart block ! My last post was about a nasty bout of AF I had on the 26/01 which included a TIA and left me with another nasty problem of sudden fainting. You'll all be pleased he immediately put me on a anticoagulant called Xarelto , Echo done and I have the pre ablation CT Scans tomorrow with ablation date to be in 4 weeks . I have had diagnosed PAF & heart block since 2006 , flutter was diagnosed in 1971 , I can truly say I can't do this anymore the sudden fainting has finished me so I can hardly wait for the ablation even though I am a bit nervous anything got to be better than what is happening now .

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Sorry to hear you have been so poorly but pleased you are soon to gain the relief you so desire. It is quite uplifting to speak with a EP who knows what you are going through.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.




It sounds like you've had a rough time lately and I hope that after your ablation that will all be behind you. You say you will be having CT scans - A word of warning. when you have it done you have to breathe in and then hold your breath so that your lungs lift and they can get a better pic of the heart. Now I thought I was doing that, but apparently managed to breath out and let my lungs drop down without being aware. Have a little practice at holding your breath before you have it done.

Wishing you well.




I feel so bad when I heared about another one suffering the same as we do .

I had my ablation last Aug to treat paranormal flutter , which was successful till date , when no flutter shown thank god , hope you will have the same

Don't worry about it , it is really a lot easier than our worries .

I'm scheduled for second ablation for another problems soon :)



Thanks for the tip Jean , they got really clear pics of the pulmonary veins first go . Now I just have to wait for the ablation date to be emailed to me . The EP explained the difference between Cardio's - EP's are the Master Electricians and the other Cardio's are the Master Plumbers "you can have the best car on the market but if the electrics don't work you will have to get out and push it " . When I left his office it felt like a tonne of bricks had been lifted off my shoulders -!


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