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Stress Echocardiogram with Dobutamine

I have had PAF for a few years. I've had a successful IV Fleconide cardioversion a few years ago and more recently this year a successful electrical cardioversion. PAF comes and goes around every couple of weeks, usually preceeded by what seem like ectopic beats, but I can usually stop the AF by doing chest squeezing or compressions and holding it for a few seconds.

The cardiologist has scheduled a stress echo with Dobutamine. I've been reading about it and it seems a good thing to have done but I'm very apprehensive.

Can anyone who has had this done comment and perhaps allay my anxiety?

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Yes I have had this done. It is a very strange feeling as your heart works hard as if you are doing strenuous exercise whilst you just lie there and do nothing. the only thing I found that I got stiff as I had to lie in an awkard position, otherwise nothing to worry about.


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