Hi, after AF episode at Xmas ("no need for anticoags"), have just seen Cariologist who has put me on Warfrin. There is no mention of this being monitered by nurse/Dr/clinic. My father has been on this ofr 15 yrs and he goes each week for a blood reading, and the adjust the warfrin dose. As this is basically designed to kill rats through bleeding, I am worried just to take a pill of ? dose (tba), without regular checks.

Is anyone else just taking 'a pill' a day, or are you regularly monitered ?

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  • Everybody is monitored so do not take them until you get proper advice. Ring your GP and either they will do it or you will be sent to a warfarin clinic at the hospital. You will be told how many mg to take and in the beginning you will be monitored every few days. Then as your readings go up and reach the required level (usually between 2 and 3) monitoring will decrease. If you stay within range on a regular basis you will be monitored about once every 6 to 8 weeks. Good luck.

  • No you should be checked weekly until your inr is in range, then every 2/3/4 weeks , so please contact your Doctors tomorrow , take care George

  • regulat visits to Drs or Hospital for blood to be taken then... starting new job Tues (at 62).Wonder how to fit visits in. Oh the joys of growing old. Wonder why Cardiologist reckons I need warfrin, when the hospital in Dec didn't. Am vary wary of warfrin

  • I refused warfarin to begin with as I was scared stiff of taking it but gave in following advice received from reading this site and I do not regret it. Am into my third week and apart from a few gripes in my tummy am feeling fine and the great fear of a stroke is not constantly on my mind.

  • Hi Champs

    Others have informed you that you must be monitored and have regular blood tests, but your Cardio has almost certainly done you a big favour, the real risk of AF is stroke, in fact at least 5 times more likely and even worse it's the worst form of strokes usually as well. So being on an anti-coagulant such as warfarin is essential. GPs are historically very poor about prescribing this or even worse they use aspirin and think it has the same effect (it does not)

    No need to be wary at all, it's a very long prescribed drug now and very few side effects but most effective, just about everyone here will be on it, and it will be their best friend I am sure. Blood tests are usually easy to fit it around work, and you need to be on it.

    As BobD so eloquently puts it, you can always stop taking warfarin, but you can't undo a stroke.

    Be well


  • Hi Champ and welcome. I'm not going to add anything to what has been said but echo the fact that you are being treated correctly which is a change! I should a,os implore you not to think of warfarin as rat poison. For a start it hasn't been used as that for years according to my local rodent operative and secondly it it for most of us, our best friend as it stops us sitting in a char drooling! For most it is little hassle and as one who works a lot in metal no where near as much of a worry as many people think. Be happy that you have been sorted now.


  • It begs the question how you have a prescription for warfarin but received no advice on monitoring etc. Or is it the case that you have simply been told that you will be going on warfarin, with the tablets and guidance to follow?

  • no advice re monitoring from Cardiologist (didn't think to ask at the time !), am picking up prescription from Dr's receptionist today, so will ask her/the Chemist

  • See the doctor and do not take no for an answer. It is vital you take it and get monitored. When you get it under control you can get your own machine to do the inr checks. The machine costs £300 but you should be able to get the test strips on prescription. However not all doctors will prescribe them. With this you could self monitor or at least reduce the number of times you have to go for tests.

    Be well.

  • Please can you advise details of this monitoring machine

  • Look at coaguchek.com. It's a machine for home testing warfarin levels in your blood. I do mine weekly but I still go to the hospital about every 8 weeks where they do a check also. My clinic knows I use this and think it is accurate and fine to use. It's very easy and gives peace of mind. You need to get the levels tested at your clinic or doctors at first but once you are stable this this is a very useful tool. Good luck.

  • Many thanks Namaste Gram

  • Hi all ,I've been on it for 7 years happy with it ,the cardiologist I see sends every body to see an anticoagulant nurse to be instructed one how take it ,and all the do's and donts such diet and every thing else

  • Hello, I have been on Warfarin for 7 years, sometimes it takes some time for the blood adjusts, I am now on low dose 2mg, and no check for 6 weeks, happy about that.....

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