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Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension is it a heart or lung problem or both?

I got my letter to my doctor from the Lung consultant at the hospital today. I now have an extra ailment to add!

Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension: It appears that it should be 25mmHg but mine is 37 to 42 mmHg and his comments are " This could be one of the reasons I am out of breath?" I apparently process my O2 well but I am not getting enough in to process?

Is this a heart or a lung problem? As it seems it will cause Sleep Apnoea which I get from time to time but also Hypoxia at altitude or flying and exercise?

What did annoy me was I told him I was due to see a cardiologist to confirm a date for my Pace and Ablate at the end of March. He has stated that I have had my pacemaker fitted and awaiting an Obaltion ( look it up ;) ) I have told him this twice but he chose not to hear what I was saying but would he not of thought it strange that it did not show up on the chest xray he made me have?

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Now who would be performing this Oblation...Mary Magdalene...C


I was amazed that a consultant would get it so wrong


I don't know anything about Oblations but I can tell you something about Pulmonary HYpertension. Usually hypertension is left side of heart. But pulmonary hypertension is caused by the ungs and is a right sided hypertension that happens as the blood passes from the heart into the lungs. So it starts in lungs and affects the heart. I know several people with it. Someone who had it went on a C-pap machine for sleep apnea. that totally cleared up the pulmonary hypertension and she uses it all the time..


Thanks for the info.

When I was given the sleep test gear after I had a full lung function test a trip to the other end of the hospital for an xray and another trip to book a radiogram appointment and then went shopping with the wife I was so tired I fell asleep in my recliner until 3am. So when I went to bed and put the unit on I could not sleep and did not have a episode. I explained this and they did not offer me another chance even though I still wake gasping for breath.


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