Has anyone had experience of a hematoma following ablation and at what point should I seek help?

Had ablation last Wednesday, all clear and came home Thursday. Saturday morning noticed a small, about the size of a small grape, hard lump in my groin above the puncture site. I was told by the hospital to apply pressure which I did and it seemed to soften. This morning it has returned and is now the size of a walnut and quite tender. A bit worried about it. There is extensive bruising this time which I didn't have after my first ablation.

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  • After one of mine I was black and blue from waist to knee but it didn't do any harm and faded in a few weeks. If you are worried speak to them again or go and see your GP before things get used to be naughty.


  • Thanks Bob.

  • After my first ablation I had one of these. I knew nothing about haematomas and was convinced that they had left something hard behind in my groin.

    First I went to a GP (not my usual one) who said the lump was normal, not believing him a few days later I went to A&E who said the same. Not one of them called it a haematoma or gave any explanation for the lump. When I went to have my second ablation I told my EP, he named and explained what it was. I could have had a lot less worry if I'd had an explanation when I first went to the GP. Mine was about the size and shape of a triple A battery. I didn't have one when I had my second ablation. If you think yours has grown in size I would go to your GP and get his opinion if only to reassure yourself. By the way mine took ages to disappear.

  • Hi. I had one straight after an angiogram. It was about the size of my index finger. Staff transferred me for a scan immediately and I was then told it was fine. Doc checked on me several occasions during the day as I was an inpatient at the time.

    The bruising was extensive which concerned me and was also painful. Had my GP check it and she was amazed at the extent of it. It, along with the hematoma soon went. Speak with your doc if you are worried.


  • Thanks guys for your replies. So far it has got no bigger and I am applying pressure as per hospital instructions. I will leave it until tomorrow, if it grows will see doctor.

  • I had one after my 2nd ablation but I was told about this at the hospital and had extensive. bruising. I would mention this to your GP to be on safe side. After my 3rd ablation I had a stitch put in each groin and had no bruising at all!! Sandra

  • I would not be concerned about it. Some warm cloths to help the area resorb the blood will help. It's not unusual to see that on any patient. If it starts to get larger, gets painful, or you have fever then I would get it looked at. It does take longer than you expect to get back to normal.

  • Hubby had abalton and a developed a huge bruise which looks like he was beaten up.The bruise is at puncture site/ groin and down his leg. Leg is swollen....It is terrible. He can barely walk.....I believe this all is due to the low level of skill of the surgeon...I cold be wrong.....Instead of going home he was admitted for complications... Finally had valve surgery and is home....

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