Hello everybody, firstly thank you for all your help and support. Secondly, ever since I was in hospital due to AF, low potassium and

haemoglobin , I have had follow up tests to check all is well. I had an endoscopy last week and the hospital have now rung to say that they want to do a colonoscopy! So, no Warfarin as from tomorrow just when I was starting to get stabilised at 1.9.

I have never been to the doctors, clinics or hospital so much in all my life. I am not at all worried about it as I am convinced there is nothing wrong as I have absolutely no symptoms. Is this all because I am on Warfarin? Has anybody else had all these tests because of low haemoglobin?

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  • I don't think warfarin affects haemoglobin so probably not related. Warfarin works on the liver to reduce the production of thrombins which cause clotting hence anticoagulation. I could be wrong..


  • Hi Bob, they think I have an internal bleed because I take Warfarin - I don't think so, I would know surely!

    Take care and keep well


  • I have had two big internal bleeds and did not know until I started vomiting coffee grounds black vomit, was hospitalized now no longer able to take anticoagulants .of any kind I have had AF for 3 years now.

  • Hi! am on warfarin with a range of 2.5 to 3.5. My haemoglobin dropped to 6.7 last nov - 12 -14 is normal range. Had an endoscopy and colonoscopy to look for a bleed but none found. If you are female and of childbearing age the drop is probably due to blood loss. Also u could be avoiding green veg etc because of the warfarin which contains iron. I had a blood transfusion, IV iron and now take oral iron everyday and my levels are now up to 13. dont panic! Just a few thoughts!

  • Thank you keeponticking (love the name), I am 77 years old and my blood count was 6.1, given iron supplement but have had no checks to see what reading is now. Interesting about green vegetables, I eat chicken and fish (no four legged animals) but I eat loads of vegetables including green ones although I have cut them down since being on Warfarin. By the way, am now going to have a colonoscopy on Thursday and I do not expect they will find anything untoward. Apart from AF, Osteoporosis and high blood pressure, I am fine. As I have said before, there are people out there with worse problems than I have got. I keep smiling and will always laugh and joke with anyone, especially when I have to see doctors, consultants, etc., life is for living so let's enjoy every minute.

  • I love and applaud your attitude Ang - live well cos we are a long time dead. Hope you get it sorted soon.

  • Thank you CDreamer, I am due for a pace and ablate, hopefully at the end of April, and I am sure it will give me a new lease of life! It is such a beautiful day here in Cornwall which certainly uplifts the spirits. Stay well and enjoy the sunshine.

  • Just about to go for walk on beach, it's sunny here in Devon too.

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