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hello. i have not had an appointment to see my consultant or cardiologist since i was released in april is this normal?

i was admitted with bp of 250/90 and heart palpitations in A&E in april and given electrical shock to regulate my heart beat. i was again in july when i had chest x ray and they found my heart is enlarged., also one side of the heart is not pumping blood as it should. i have been put on Warfarin and Bisoprolol. Only regular clinic i go to is anticoagulant.. my GP does not think i should have my BPchecked regularly or i have not been seen by any specialist at the hospital since my release in april 13 is this normail? please advice. Thank you

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First question is were you diagnosed with atrial fibrillation or what? Are you seeing or have you seen a cardiologist at all or is this all just from A and E?

What does your GP say about it? It does sound strange that there is no plan attached to your treatment as just treating you with a beta blocker and anticoagulant is a bit of a cop out in my view. It all depends as I say on what they say you have.

I think I would be inclined to go and doorstep my GP and ask what the F H is going on. At lest you are on warfarin so should be protected against stroke.



Hello BobD yes i have been diagnosed with AF



Hello BobD, yes I have been diagnosed with AF. I have had AF for last eight years. I had a scan done on my heart and the cardiologist said that I have a scare on my heart as I had a 'minor' heart attack. At that time they stopped and restarted my heart that was 7 years ago than in 5 years ago I had an ablation as I suffer from arrhythmia.according to another consultant. My GP believe its waste of money to refer me to hospital. In April when I had a severe attach I phoned my GP and explained that I was feeling unwell sweaty, very high heart beat, dizziness clammy, breathlessness he told me to 'sip water and lay down' next day I was admitted to A&E.


Change your GP This is unacceptable.


Thank you BobD i will do that. Thank you for your help and support much appriciated best wishes vinni


Hi, I also was left on bisoprolol and rivaroxaban after cardioversion following the first AF, - no follow up with a cardiologist. Was told to come to A&E when I have another attacks occurs. I am very anxious. Kind regards.


Good grief, some major neglect going on here. I'm in the U.S. and getting the impression this website is UK-based. Is that right? At any rate, many of the descriptions I'm hearing are Emergency Room worthy at the very least, let alone being told to "have a sip of water and lie down"! The drug Warfarin has been successfully replaced with new, less dangerous drugs, such as Eliquis, causing better results with fewer side effects. If antiarrhythmia medications are not working (as they didn't for me), the catheter ablation procedure is a terrific alternative. I was experiencing afib and flutter 100% of the time, but after the ablation procedure, all is well! However, without Medicare and secondary insurance, I'd have been looking at a bill over $65,000! Looking forward to NO medications, except possible blood pressure--which I hope can be reduced naturally, as well.

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