Clinic Day came out with two problems !

Went to the Cardiology Clinic again today they seem to have found another problem looking at my ECG it does not look quite right, that's why this Dr is seeing me he thinks it might be a valve problem having a scan to have a look at my heart and we go from there, as for my AF. bloods better now at 2.2 I'm pleased with that, my Specialist wants it to be 2.0 3.0

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  • I'm glad your blood is in the right range Christo... I hope the scan goes well and they get everything sorted out fast.


  • Lis

    Thank you for your posting seems like it's all go, first I find out I have AF now this valve problem....what's next ! Hope your ok ?

    Take care.


  • You know what they say, it never rains but it pours, let's hope it's all precautionary... Better to know everything and get it sorted out I guess! I'm fine, suffering a bit of chocolate deprivation but I'll get there (she says bravely). You take care.


  • Lis.

    Yes bloods better I'm pleased about that, not so much at risk of stroke, is it going to be hard to keep my bloods in spec ?

  • I have heard so many people say this is really individual. Some folk seem to stay in range easily and others are up and down like a yo-yo. I'm going tomorrow to see if I'm still in range and I have my fingers tightly crossed. Would be nice to go to monthly tests. Let's hope we are both in the 'boringly always the same' bracket!

  • Lis

    Good luck tomorrow my fingers are already crossed better let me know how you get on

    I have been told to keep having blood tests just to make sure they are in fact in the right range

  • Hi Christo,

    I had to go to the Breathing clinic the other day, as they thought had a problem with my Lungs, now been told I have a valve problem now have to wait to see heart specialist. hope everything go ok Suzy

  • Suzy.

    You and me maybe have valve problems breathing comes into this problem I'm waiting for a scan could be three weeks,

    Good luck to you.


  • Thank you I see heart specialist in 3 weeks so will take it from there, good Luck with yours too, hopefully we will both get a answer :-) Suzy

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