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can i still be in this forum post surgery and hopefully not in af can offer support and mine may come back???

for those who have been following my progress (sharing my experience and supporting) Saw EP today had adenosine IV twice (different experience if only briefly) turns out at this time i am sinus tachycardic. Prescribed Bisoprolol to slow heart rate down so thats my latest saga. No rehab yet and not to drive either but so much more down the road to recovery. Hope i can still be part of the group?

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Frills you are welcomed with open arms, this forum is not just for those going through A Fib, but those who have been through, wifes, partners, siblings etc and even people who just want to know more.

You can't get away from us that easily :)


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Well thanks a lot Ian what does being a volunteer involve for when I'm fully fit ha ha


HI Frills you can stay as long as you want to. If you stay long enough you might make it to volunteer. We are all here to help each other so the more the merrier but you MUST have a sense of humour and try to attend either Ian's Nosh and Natter or my West Country Cell lunch near Exeter or if out of range , organise your own!"

Good luck on your AF journey





I think I have become a life member of this forum, keeping me sane for sure. Just joined the AFA and intend to donate as much as I can each month and hopefully get work to do some fund raisers.


frills,your views and any experiences are always welcome if you know what i mean


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