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Hi all, Controversial but worth a look for anyone who is interested in checking out the magnetic fields outside of our bodies, there is a site which I have discovered that goes into this realm called Dr Stephen Sinatra, I don't know whether he sings or not. If you google this you might find other interesting topics on the left hand side of this page. It explains some of the theories discussed in relation to WiFi and other technologies, called EMF Sensitivity and another one which some sports people would find interesting about exercising. It also touches on some of the earths' natural counteraction. In effect for me, this means throwing out my rubber Australian IconicThongs, and putting on leather ones or walking barefoot. The hype surrounding supplements and drugs for sale, can be avoided if you just want to browse the information. Whilst some of you may not want to even look at or use this site, others might have already discovered it, its worth just a brief look anyway. Keep well Ultramarine.

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  • G'day ultramarine,

    Thanks for that - will investigate more on this.


  • Ultramarine

    A Thong in Oz are for your feet, but in the UK, they are very sexy little pieces of underwear, at least so I've been told :-) .

    It's an interesting subject. I used to live in a little village that was always on the tele because it had a microwave mast and women were getting cancer at an alarming rate. They blockaded the mast. All the experts were saying that it had nothing to do with the microwaves, but when it's your friends and neighbours dropping like flies, it really makes you think differently.

    That was all happening at the same time that my mobile phone switched my dead television on.


  • Wow Koll really put my foot in it that time (pun) I'm glad you told me. On the serious side, I would like to know what microwave masts are? It would be strangely disconcerting living there and are they still there?

  • Sorry, mobile telephone "mast". (I'm not very good with electrics!!!)

    Like this one thumbs.dreamstime.com/z/mic..., but it was smaller.

  • We lived next door to a electric sub station for some years and the school caretaker the other side my father and the caretaker both contracted leukemia in there 50's ?

    What we have to be careful of is if it is US WIFi research or UK US Wifi is at a higher power than ours hence their better spread.

    Some time back a town in the USA had a higher than normal murder rate per capita and they had there electric pylons moved and they went over anther small town and there murder rate went up and the other went down?

  • I take his magnesium supplements. I believe lots of electronics usage, I.e., cell phones, computers, iPads affects us and the heart a lot.

  • I've had to limit my computer use especially late at night because I usually end up with a strange sensation in my chest and almost always get severe palpitations during the night 4-5AM if I'm on my computer late and for more than an hour! I don't talk too much on my mobile and still have a landline Thank God!! And so do a few of my close friends!! TG again! One worry I do have is that there is a broadband mast, a small one just for this area, very close to my house. It was put up by my land lord in order to get broadband for this area because we are in a blackspot! It's about 50 yards from my home! Any advice re this?

  • G'day ultramarine,

    Don't worry - after years of living in Oz and UK when we talk about thongs I know what you mean !!

    Thanks for the reference to Dr. Stephen Sinatra - I've spent some time reading it and am - frankly - blown away. I am now also more convinced that my initial feelings about my mobile phone causing the initial onset of AF was right. I'll go back and read again all these references. I've never seen my own opinions so well documented. Even here in UK - even in winter I always walk around the house bare footed and outdoors too in summer. I also consume a 100mg capsule of Co-Q10 daily. I also take a 5 ml dose daily of Arctic Cod Liver Oil (410EPA/600DHA), both were prescribed by my nutrionist in my battle with AF. Much along the lines discussed by Dr. Sinatra. Thanks again for the reference - may the force be with you.


  • Thanks to all, in respect of the structure for computer transmission. Firstly the material used for any structure would need to be identified (including the transformer). Its obvious that the structure is used to attract waves of electricity for both receiving and sending ( 50 yards is a little too close for my comfort) If its anything like the image that Koll has presented, then you will note the complex structure would suggest other uses than just to hold the discs into place, and is not one that would appeal to any sculptor. My guess is that the engineers would have used materials that would be cost effective. As long as there is no moat around your house and you don't go and jump around in puddles in your wellies you should be ok. If you are concerned then you can go to the council and find out, even though you are renting the council should have the plans for you to look at. The space that the waves of electricity needs to jump I am unclear about. I do know that you are not supposed to use your landline phone when a storm is in process. I wonder if Magnesium and Co-Q10 could be used as a buffer, or that another material like a bracelet could balance and counteract excess electricity. If you read what Offcut has to say, then perhaps we should all try and keep our cool, whilst dealing with others something I'm not terribly good at yet since this condition happened. After thinking about this it makes us realize (for me anyway) that too close a contact of gadgets to our bodies needs to be done in moderation which for me would mean smelling the roses for a while. Keep well Ultramarine

  • I have already suggested via another thread that a heart monitor which operates via WiFi, can detect AF and transmit data to local hospital would be no good for anyone who is electrosensitive. WiFi would set off palpitations in the first place. My son, who has never been diagnosed with AF is electrosensitive. He suffers with palpitations, headaches, dizzy spells, tinnitus, loss of concentration, tiredness etc. Does this sound familiar? It is estimated that up to 5% of the population suffer from electrosensitivity mainly caused by radiation from mobile phones and masts, and from the WiFi broadband radiation that so many have in their homes and increasingly in public places (known collectively as EMF). Many campaigners have tried to convince the Government of the health problems caused by the proliferation of EMF but to no avail. I contacted my MP on several occasions and he passed my concerns onto the Department of Health. I did get replies but they were only keen to tell me that all their investigations showed that there was no link between EMF and the symptoms of electrosensitivity and that the symptoms were “all in the mind”. I have looked at the reports of many of the investigations (all carried out by University Departments of Psychology and Psychiatry) and as a retired scientist it is my opinion that the investigations were carried out under biased conditions. A conclusion shared by many. Basically the mobile phone and WiFi industry is so large and profitable any attempt to curtail it would not be welcome, so those who are electrosensitive must suffer or find their own solutions. My son lives in a stone cottage, very few neighbours, and has special net curtains at all windows. This prevents most radiation from entering the cottage. He has wired broadband and rarely uses a mobile phone. He spends most weekends trying to recuperate from the unavoidable weekday contact with mobile phones and WiFi. We have special net curtains also and I keep them up when he is not visiting as I find they reduce my incidence of palpitations. While it is unlikely to be the total answer, anyone suffering from AF might find it worthwhile to consider whether mobile phone radiation or WiFi is making their condition worse. There is lots of information on the web. One new theory for the incidence of electrosensitivity in some people is that some they have a high incidence of heavy metals in their bodies because the bodies’ natural antioxidants are not getting rid of the metals. If so antioxidants such as Co-Q10 would help.

  • Hello ellenrosina, when I read about your sons condition It was very sad for me and wonder how you have coped yourself. Our situation might have similar symptoms but we at least can go outside and breath in the fresh air.

    I think everyone is trying to find out more about this condition, than what is available mainstream. I am perhaps idealistic, and wonder why when it is so obvious, it would be of benefit for us all if medical specialists could work together then things could begin to fall into place. You are right unfortunately about the information not going to the right people, as you say, multi million dollar industries would not back any investigation, which could lead to any sort of litigation but we do have the power to work out what can be done, we have enormous knowledge and talent, and yes I was just reading on the computer site about heavy metals which can be toxic, apparently there is a test - urine,hair analysis- since reading this, ref: "Äustin" I have only recently had loads of urine and blood tests done, which took me 2 years to get by the way. I will get a copy of them ( I am now under a dietician who has them). The process was a surprise to all concerned my GP the Cardiologist and Gastroenterologist. I had the distinct impression that they thought I needed counselling? which maybe so, but not until I get another opinion from an EP. As you say some people are more susceptible than others to all forms of new technologies, but we do have a choice, without going back to the wheel and cave-man techniques, we can limit our exposure, as for me I love learning, I still do Art/design, in lots of mediums, I used to teach. I really do appreciate what you may have found difficulty in relating and I am sure we will all learn and reflect on these problems. Keep well yourself - ultramarine

  • Hi Ultramarine, I don't think I am particularly electrosensitive but I do think that WiFi can trigger AF for me, so I avoid it. Other triggers are Caffeine, alcohol and maybe some foods that I am still not sure of. My main concern is that there are many people like my son who are not listened to by the medical profession and that some of these will have a predisposition to AF. While EMF might not be the only trigger, avoidance of WiFi etc might be of benefit to many. As a family we support our son as much as we can but by necessity he is not able to have a very social life.

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