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Intro & background

I've recently joined the forum and just wanted to say thank you to all who share their experiences. I was diagnosed with Paroxysmal AF initially, by accident, after being admitted to local A&E with kidney stones at the end of December - which needed ops to remove one down one to go. The AF diagnosis was confirmed after tests with Cardiologist. However the nuclear stress test indicated some heart stress and an angiogram yesterday confirmed a partially blocked artery (fortunately a minor one). All within a few weeks- I'm on Sotalol, Aspirin and now statins.

I suspect I may have had AF for a while but simply put the heart racing down to stress. Whilst the Sotalol has contained the AF ( the Cardio gave a measure to my GP of 0.6% AF load post medication and a 16% loads previously - not really sure what that means) - I now seem to have more ectopics which are unexplained but quite unnerving and uncomfortable especially at night.

I suspect my triggers were a mix of the artery, caffeine, stress & possibly alcohol

I'm interested in peoples experiences especially in relation to AF & exercise - I have had no problem giving up caffeine, I have no problem adjusting my diet and limiting the alcohol intake - but limiting exercising is a challenge - previously I would normally have run 2-3 times a week and gym mostly aerobic work a couple of times a week.

I have been told swimming is fine as is a brisk walk but not to do gym sessions or running - any one else had experience in this area (nearly read most of the exercise threads which imply its a personal trial and error to find what works).

Also anyone with AF use a heart rate monitor to track exercise limits?

Oh I'm male 53 and I'm assuming tomorrow's Ireland's 6 Nations Rugby Match v Scotland will have a suitable level of stress to deal with :)

Thanks in advance.

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Re monitor, I have two and found that (especially the Pulsar chest strap one) gave false readings when I'm in AF. I mentioned this to an EP who explained why they often/usually don't work if you're in AF. Mine used to shoot up to 200 when I knew my rate wasn't anywhere near that, and then suddenly drop again. Others I know have had the same experienced.

My Mio wrist monitor seems to work a bit better though, but still don't think it can cope with the AF, so I just ignore it if it goes funny.

I seem to have gone on from AF onto ectopics, quite unnerving as you say, but on a new drug now which is working and they've gone. Don't know what's next in terms of treatment / procedures.



Thanks for the tip I will investigate, if you don't mind me asking what have you been put on which has helped the ectopic a?



It's Disopyramide 150mg twice a day.


Hi munsterman,If you docs told you to lay off the gym then I would take is advice for the time being,I have found to much gym work affects my AF but then again every body is different,I walk 2.5 miles every day if I can weather permiting,It is good exercise for the heart without any stress and swimming is fine too good luck as you say it is trial and error but don,t push it take it a day at a time


Good advice I need to manage my natural impatience and avoid doing more harm than good



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