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Can being at a high altitude Ski Resort trigger AF?

Around this time last year I was diagnosed with AF, Bisoprolol was prescribed, and there weren't any further episodes until 2 days into a skiing holiday about 3-4 weeks later.

The village was at 1400 Metres - the slopes up to 2500 Metres, I felt palpitations at 2AM, pulse was irregular, but not fast and I felt generally well. Still in AF next morning and stayed off the slopes, though felt ok but didn't know it would have been ok, and possibly good to exercise.

It went NSR around 4PM, during first drink and smoke of the day!

Is there a message there maybe??? Like relaxation/chill out therapy?

I've not had an episode since last July, changed the Bsoprolol to Flecanaide in November and seem to be ok with it, I even frequently forget the teatime pill and it's not caused any problems.

I'm going skiing again soon, am wondering if the high altitude will trigger another attack?

Any ideas anyone? Bill

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I suppose it might Bill, all sorts of things can trigger AF and relaxation can certainly get you out of it. Best thing is to make sure you take your tablets with you, just in case. And have a great holiday! There's no point in worrying about whether the AF may come on or not, just enjoy yourself but take the precautions, I'd say. And bring me back some of that lovely continental chocolate :)


I totally agree with this. Don't let it rule your life



If you are feeling well with AF I would do just what you feel you can do and not worry. I avoided alcohol for several years thinking that perhaps it was a trigger, but recently while having a high pulse which had been going on for a week I was tempted to a glass of wine - Like you it cured my situation, so yes I think the fact drink helps you to relax can sometimes be a good thing. Not forgetting of course that any alcohol would probably increase the effects of our medication.


As AF affects everyone differently, who knows? For me It would be definitely, until you climatize. I found I used to have to be at altitude for several days doing very little, then start skiing gradually and having lots of breaks. I had AF most days, but did it anyway.


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