Hi, many moons ago, Atrial Fibrillation and, notifying the DVLA about same, came up as a topic of interest, the consensus of opinion was that we should notify the DVLA re: AF.

I am pleased to say that I received a letter today stating that I am considered safe to drive and am allowed to continue to do so until such times that my GP thinks that I am unsafe to drive. It is rather nice to have one less complication in our lives so 'hurrah' for the DVLA.


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  • Glad to hear it Phyl. Question is were you safe to drive before --ha ha.. I must admit there I days when I wonder about myself.


  • Bob, I taught Lewis Hamilton how to drive, that's how safe I am, I just need to learn to tap dance and play the piano. Keep the good advice up re: AF your input is invaluable.

  • I'm still waiting. I sent off the H1 form which I didn't fill in because it doesn't (logically!!!!!!!) need filling in, so just signed it, added doctors details etc. Still no reply 4 weeks later. But then it has been XMas and they probably shut for 2 weeks. Or maybe they're wondering about the blank spaces?

    I'm OK driving my landrover whatever they say; everyone just seems to stay out of the way :-)


  • Hi Koll, I was thinking about contacting the DVLA to ask if they had received my H1 form but as you know it arrived today. I think you will need to give them just a little longer. Regards. PhylK

  • After reading about this ..I sent a letter off to them...just got reply back to say all ok...seems pointless.....

  • I personally think the whole thing is a mistake. The professional advice is the proper one. But, mistake or not, best to let them know. Keep someone in work at least!

  • Never, never, pointless.

    If the insurers can get out of paying, they will!

    All paperwork re: your medical status is ammunition should they try and default on a payout.

  • I also have AF and notified the DVLA even although the doctor had told me I was safe to drive. It did not take long for the DVLA to reply stating that itwas perfectly in order for me to drive unless there were future complications indicated by my doctor. It is comfortng to have the DVLA's letter of authority to drive !

  • So have you informed the insurance yet ?

  • I'm the same as Lenana, doc said I could drive and that I did not need to inform DVLA (but I did anyhow, with a blank form not specifying my condition). I also informed my insurers and they said if my doctor was happy for me to drive so were they.


  • Thanks - a bit more confident ringing bike insurers now :)

  • Hello there I was pleased to read your comments regarding notifying the DVLA about AF. It was mentioned to me by a well meaning person that I should do just that. Now my mind is at rest (as we have too many issues to worry about!!!! Thanks from Gillyflower13

  • Well I sent my H1 form off, and as I haven't been advised that I should not drive, in fact I have been advised by my EP that I can and he said I need not notify DVLA as I have said before, I did not fill in the questions after the first one, to which I answered "no".

    Anyhow, the form has came back with a letter saying I must fill in answers to questions 2-4 even though I have answered "no" to the heading. Not sure I got the numbers right, but the point is that they do not want to know what my condition is because I answered "no" to the first question. But I do need to fill in the rest (do you have a pacemaker etc etc) which I've now done and returned the form.

    Don't understand it myself. But never mind.


  • Koll you made me laugh out loud with your reply.

    I would think the DVLA will think you are being a bit bullish re:H1 form.

    I think that is apt considering your occupation.

    Be good.

    Regards, Phyl.

  • Or sheepish :-)

  • We need to stop now Koll or we will be expelled from the AFA for acting the goat!!

  • I agree, might get banned.

    Wishing ewe well.


  • Just received my letter from DVLA saying I'm OK to drive. So that's good, especially as my job depends on it.


  • Good to hear Koll. Stay well. Phyl.

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