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Migraine and irrethemia

I had been suffering from migraine with aura since I was 18 , and I born with a tight aortic valve and had my first valve replacement when I was 20 years old

The migraine attacks used to be acceptable and well managed by avoiding triggers and counter pain killers

My irrythemia problems along with my migraine attacks made my life miserable since two years , is there any link ? Don't know

But what whenever I start to have aura and migraine I will have a day or more of bad irrethemia (different type ) recorded during ER visits , where they usually concerned about the heart itself and ignoring my migraine!

I google that and found a lot of questions like mine from patients like me

Currently I'm having one or more migraine attacks weekly , more often than before

Do irrethemia trigger migraine ? Or migraine trigger irrethemia ? Which I think it is .

Now I'm having migraine attack started with aura which triggered this time by having a nap after lunch since it is weekend ( changing sleep routine trigger migraine ) I feel numbness in my lips and tongue , hands and feets , heart started pounding , ectopic beats started , I'm expecting bad night and day tomorrow accordingly as usual

I know defect is there in my heart , but managing the triggers and finding the reason will help a lot in managing daily life


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Hi. I have had migraine with aura, altho lately i've had the aura but no migraine,which is something I used to have some years ago. Certainly a blessing that I know that no migraine is going to follow. Lucky me. However I have not noticed any interaction, before or after, or trigger from the migraines, which I used to get quite often throughout my life, and still do but not that often, with my AF.


My migraine also not always with sever headache , most of the symptoms covers after aura numbness , light head , dizziness , fatigue , hard to remember or miss spelling some words in addition to irrythemia

Thanks for your reply

All the best


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