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Silent Migraines - Aura Only

I saw this article in the Daily Mail and thought it might be of interest to some of you.

'Silent migraines' may not give a headache can be even more shattering dailym.ai/1lKYzO2 @MailOnline

I know this is quite rare but I also know that a few of you ,like me, experienced this after having an ablation. It only lasted for approx. 6 weeks after the ablation and for 20 - 40 minutes at a time and then just disappeared .I never had one before or since ,the last one July last year.

I don't think that there is a known link between the two because I rang the hospital where I had had the ablation the first time I had an aura and spoke to the cardiologist as I wondered if it was stroke related and he didn't know what I was describing and to see my GP

To my untrained non medical mind I would think there is a possible link as both are part of the electrics or is it just coincidental. Interesting ..................

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Hi feejbee, Not being a Doctor I can't say if you are right or wrong , but I do get Aura Migraines and have had AF for about 9 years now, hope this is of some use to you .George


Wow, this is really interesting! And a bit scary! I have been having 'silent migraines' for many years, probably since my teens (I'm 49 now and have had AF for 10 years). I get them maybe once or twice a year and they last around 20 minutes. I only figured out what they were a couple of years ago when I googled the symptoms. I never thought about any association with AF or with stroke risk, so that's certainly given me some food for thought (dangerous!). I will have to speak to my GP about it next time I go.

Thanks for sharing!

All the best, Gaye


Hi Feejbee and thanks for the link. I'm afraid I sometimes worry about this sort of article as whilst it may help a few it often scares the bejebus out of many. There have been a number of "aura" related posts here over the last few months and there does seem to be a connection with those having had ablations I seem to remember that one member said that her arrhythmia nurse stated that this was to do with puncturing the septum when passing from right atria to left during the procedure. I understand the problem as I have it occasionally but regarding the stroke risk we should all be on warfarin anyway so no problem.



Bob my EP found I had a hole in the heart so had no need to puncture the septum and then asked if I had migraines. I started having severe, disabling migraines age 14, with auras and ad version to any noise. EP then said that there is a proven link between hole in the heart and migraines.


In my teens I often suffered from migraines but as I got older they passed. At stressful times durning my 30's through to my 40's I experienced the aura type migraine and often lost vison. Since developing PAF the aura has returned but it's just the aura, no pain, slightly fuzzy vision to start with then clearing to leave the zig zags around the periferal. I'm just greatful that there is no debilitating pain and it only lasts for about 20 mins.


I'm suffering from this migraine since I was 18 , and I'm managing it as far as I can by avoiding triggers

Actually recently after I had been diagnosed of different types of irrethemia including flutter , tachycardia and vt , I can confirm that magi rain is a major trigger to these epysoids I'm having since last two years

It starts usually with aura ( whole spots , hard to see or read or focus ) light head , numbness in hands legs and lips , sometimes hard to talk or remember some words , loose concentration , weakness all over my body

Yesterday I had bad migraine attack and since that I'm having frequent tachycardia where I'm actually now in bed suffering from one of them since more than an hour .

I'm planning to highlight this with the doctors when I reach Cleveland clinic they may have a clarification

As few of you mentioned I had few aura epysoid after ablation , but I linked it with start using sotalol as side effect



I used to suffer really incapacitating migraines up until my mid forties when I went on to even more horrendous trigeminal neuralgia ! I understand that sufferers of migraine have a higher risk of stroke in later life . Sandra


In the past I had these aura from time to time - zig zaggy electric lines which took about 20 minutes to cross my field of view. After my ablation they were more frequent for a few days. They are generally harmless and are associated with the sedative used in ablations. I think the cardio was just trying to pass you off. I haven't had any more aura since then however (nearly 4 years ago).

Personally I wouldn't worry about it. Just relax and enjoy the free light show!


I suffered with severe migraine from about the age of 18...visual, sickness and numbness down one side. I had visited my doctor numerous times and tried many different forms of medication but none of them worked for me. As I got older and menapausal the migraines were still there at least 5 times a week but not as severe and I just coped taking pain killer irsion ) and put on Bisoprolol and Wafrin I have not had 1 migraine...unbelievable. I told my consultant who has said the Bisaprolol has most probably sorted it and has said I should stay on it. It really is a miracle and must be connected in some way to my AF. One thing for sure...I'm staying on the Bisaprolol!!


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