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Hi folks,

Can acute back pain trigger and prolong an existing AF condition?

I ask because only 3 weeks ago finally experienced my long standing intermittent AF while I was actually in Dr's surgery(gave me ECG there and then,sent to A&E, magnesium drip,beta blockers- subsequently prescibed -home same day). Last weekend woke up with my back in agony. Doc gave me naproxen anti-inflammatory. Hours after taking one the AF started(hadn't had any AF since beta blockers prescribed two weeks previously). Didn't take another naproxen, went back to ibuprofen and paracetamol.Had AF every day for four days now and for longer duration than ever before??? Advice much appreciated

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I think the problem is that pain increases the adrenaline level which can affect the AF.. Any form of stress can do this and once you start worrying that is cart blanche for the old furry animals to start running around in there. It is also worth checking the slips which come with the pills and often you can find that "this medication may affect heart rhythm.". Your doctor should know this but then they should know a lot of things that they don't!.



Agree with Bob

I read once that antiflammatory medication may trigger AF also

Actually I have migraine sometimes which may trigger AF epysoids due to the pain or the medication


Flipflop, As an aside, are you on Warfarin? If so, are some of the things you are taking, like ibuprofen, compatible with it? I was told no to ibuprofen.


Good advice here. I was told years ago about how much an enemy adrenaline is to AF. I used to take Naproxen for my wreck of a back but was taken off it very quickly when AF was diagnosed. Told that Cocodamol was OK to take but best to quiz your GP about this.


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